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Ss brag

No, that is not a typo.

I just looked up ss's grades. Straight As again for the fall semester. GPA at the end of his two years at community college? 3.861

Yes, he has done all the work himself. Very proud of him. He's now applying at my college to start in the fall to get his 4-year degree. If you had told dh 4 years ago that his son would be where he is now he would have laughed and only hoped.

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Congrats! Sounds like your

Congrats! Sounds like your SS wandered back to the straight-and-narrow. That's great.

I think that anytime a young adult can attend and finish college, it should be encouraged. That way, chances are less that they'll come home broke and hungry at the age of 40. LOL!

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Smart kid! He will have less

Smart kid! He will have less in student loans too!

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at a community college he

at a community college he should be making straight As. let him attend university and see how he does. at least he is making good grades.

one of my skids was getting by with C grades in a community college. it takes less than minimal effort to do that.

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Are you generalizing and

Are you generalizing and saying that community colleges are much easier than "regular" colleges? I did both, and let me tell you, the body science classes at the community college were just as difficult as the ones at the regular college. And actually I think the other thing that made it difficult is that I couldn't "hide" in a lecture of 400 kids for anatomy and physiology -- at the community college I was in a class of 12 which meant the professor would start pointing and questioning at any time.

I'm sorry you feel that way, or at least have that attitude about community colleges. And that you have to be such a Negative nancy on the OP's great news.

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That's awesome! It's nice to

That's awesome! It's nice to hear a story about a skid who actually grew up for a change!

And I agree with B22S22- my BS20 went to a community college his first two years, and it was no joke! He was in an Associate-to-Bachelor program, and it was tough. I was skeptical at first about the kind of education he'd get but after new-student orientation, I was impressed. BS is now attending a 4-year program, and was very well prepared. I'm sure not all community colleges are the same, but his was great. And he saved a ton of money in room and board!

Your SS sounds like a smart guy who will be successful and launch. z Smiling

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