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Have you ever put a skid or ex on blast on social media?

So back when SD was living with us and we were friends with her on social media she took it upon herself to put DH and I on blast about not being able to dance anymore. Her post basically went off about how her sister (my BD) was starting dance lessons and how much she missed is because shitty DH and bitch SM wouldn't allow her to do it anymore.

The dance teacher commented and asked her if she would like for her (dance teacher) to reach out to DH and myself to see if she could at some point come back to dance. I was so pissed when I saw that, that before I had time to check myself I replied to the teacher: "no thanks that won't be necessary since you are holding us responsible for meth whore's 350 outstanding bill that she didn't pay but was given child support to pay it with we can't re-enroll SD at this time"....yeah not a good idea.

Shortly after that SD took the post down because after all it proved we weren't the assholes she portrayed us to be.

Another time SD put on twitter what a a$$hole DH was for not showing up to her graduation (she had given away all the tickets after promising DH one), he was able to get one from a friend, and didn't go down and congratulate her because of her dick move. The friend called her out in her tweet and she deleted it then blocked all of us

While I will say it was kind of nice to get the truth out there for a brief moment the only problem is now she has us all blocked so I can't cyber stalk...oh darn.

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all the time. its my most

all the time.
its my most favorite thing to do ever! i get so happy by doing it.

no i dont. but everyone on Stalk probably thinks that i do because they think they know how i am.
i didnt even announce i was getting divorced. i didn't announce i started a new full time job. i didn't announce i moved. i didn't announce my new relationship or that i started college.
i suppose people just had to piece together what they could from the simple things i did post. maybe a picture of a nice meal, the kids and i out doing something fun, a selfie with a new hair cut and titled it "date night tonight"... i didn't post any pics of my new job, new apartment or new man...well for a few months anyways. i removed my relationship status altogether and my job thing is removed too.

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No I have never put BM or the

No I have never put BM or the SS's on blast. The SS's never post anything directed at DH or myself anyway. They are too self absorbed to bother.
BM and her mate love to post all the "see what wonderful parents we are" crap. They post every time those kids wipe their fannies.
There have been a few instances where they have taken indirect digs at DH but never came right out and slammed him.
Except once....and BM posted some nasty comment about how DH thinks that he shouldn't have to pay anything over and above CS to help his kids.
Which is total crap because the woman has her hand out every freaking pay day and he gives her what she wants.
The funny part was, I didn't even have to comment. Another "friend" of hers commented about how she should be grateful she gets CS because the friend doesn't get a dime from her XH. BM's post was taken down immediately. I don't waste my time taking digs at BM. All the people in our life know what a pain she is and how delusional she is. NO need to put that on social media.

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I have not put skids or BM on

I have not put skids or BM on blast. We are not FB friends and the skids don't have FB. But if they posted crap like this I probably would.

I have put one of my own ex's on blast before. He had a habit or calling my parents house when he was drunk asking to speak to me. This went on for 5 years (16-22). He still called even though he knew I was married and no longer lived with them. The last time it happened, I tracked down his public FB page and put him on blast. Turns out he had a girlfriend at the time too.

He blocked me and made his page private, but he's never called their house again. I guess humiliation was the only way to reach him.

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Yep those people are the

Yep those people are the worst types of garbage. Animals are not disposable! Makes me so angry!

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I used to post how I was

I used to post how I was being the responsible adult taking care of BMs child while she was doing nothing to help. I stopped bc there really is no point.

When SD is 18 and graduated, 28 months, I will blast BM all to hell and back.

I blocked SD this past summer when she unfriended me for IDK what reason. IDK why she was upset with me to unfriend me, so I blocked her bc I wasn't being sucked into the 'nice SD, bitch SD.

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I used to care. Now I only

I used to care. Now I only rarely check on BM to get Screenshots of the nights she's out partying when she's suppose to have SS. The rest I don't pay any attention to because I know it's most fake and only put on for her to show off.

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NEVER. It's in poor taste.

NEVER. It's in poor taste. That's airing dirty laundry that doesn't need to happen. An ex friend of mine keeps blasting her ex on facebook and it pisses me off. The reason she is an ex friend is she's a liar. I know he isn't doing any of those things. She's crazy!

Our BM also writes about us on hers all of the time. We hear stuff from mutual friends. I just roll my eyes because she's also crazy.

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My FB page isn't about BM, I

My FB page isn't about BM, I have never been FB friends with her and DH and his family are not friends with her. Thankfully that means I don't see stuff she posts, ever, thank goodnesss. DH swears I am confrontational, nah I just don't like lying POS's so I most definitely would put nasty comments if she was being a hypocritical twat. Post about her on my FB though, never,none of my friends would know who the heck she is. Heck, most people don't even know who skids are.
Now MIL and SIL I have slammed when they post BS on FB (not on my page). SIL is now blocked and MIL unfriended, been that way for years now. Don't spew BS and expect not to be called out.

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Nope..but SD did put a post

Nope..but SD did put a post on fb calling her Dad a..useless cowardly c*** and a sperm donor. We didnt know cuz we dont have fb, but a family member saw it and sent a snapshot of it to us. That was delightful (not).


Skid: Children are the future!
Me: Adults are the present..without them, children have none!

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I have no clue cause I

I have no clue cause I blocked Aergia, BM and their friends from stalking my FB....

I really have no interest in what they have to say, if some one tells me about it, I smile and reply with.. What ever makes them happy I do not care......

I think they have stopped or my friends have stopped telling me....


Blended family life turned me into a pirate....
All I want to do is drink Rum and stab people

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Nope. I've only seen a few

Nope. I've only seen a few people put anybody on blast, and I deleted them. They weren't referencing me, I just find it in poor taste. If anybody ever put me or my DH on blast on any social media, it would be an instant block with no response.

The older I get, the more liberating I find it to get rid of people in my life who act this way. Yes, it means culling the herd a bit. But it feels so good that I'm much more liberal about who I'll do it to now.

The days of my SD's ever playing games with me are done. I'm too far removed from them, and at this point, they'd look like absolute lunatics to try to attack me. And that is exactly how I like it, for all of his family including his mother and his sister. Biggest gotcha blast of all, is when someone ceases to care whether another person exists or not.

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"Biggest gotcha blast of all,

"Biggest gotcha blast of all, is when someone ceases to care whether another person exists or not." AMEN!!!!!


"I am the nicest person you will ever meet until you try to f*ck over somebody I love. Then? I'm your worst f'ing nightmare." - Former.

Famuky is looming at me ark.

"His eyes said different though...."

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BM does it all the time...

BM does it all the time... well she used too. The skids would tell us. Not sure if she still does or not.

YSD did it once something like "My brother is more of a dad to me then my own dad". No idea what that even meant or how that could be even remotely possibly true but whatever.

BM created a Go Fund Me to pay for YSD teeth and OSD shared it and said something like "Please help my sister, my own dad won't even help."

So I responded back from DH's FB "I might have helped had your mom asked me, which she never did, but I also pay $900 (at the time) in CS so I think that that should be sufficient to cover it, plus your mom's 2 insurances."

OSD took down the comment.


"I don't take stuff personal from a person who doesn't know me personally."

"It so doesn't matter who likes us... WE like Us."
-Pom Pom Squad

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I never put skids on Blast,

I never put skids on Blast, but I did send one SIL a private message regarding a post that was clearly about SO after Christmas.( I recently added her when she sent a friend request).
I won't say exactly what she posted, but word for word it was what BM told the kids regarding SO.
The fact is, it was the exact opposite of what was really going on.
After I called SIL out (privately)she then claimed it wasn't directed at SO but her workmates and she was tired of listening to them complain at work.....(she hasn't worked in over several months!)
She claimed she was in SO's shoes and knows what he is going through......(She was actually more like the BM's talked abut on this site!)


Lord, give me coffee to change the things I can change and wine to accept the things I can't.

Narcissist (n): a more polite term for a self-serving, manipulative, evil a$$hole with no soul.

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I would never. I do not

I would never. I do not believe on putting negative things like that on face book. What is the point. It is not the forum to air your dysfunction or dirty laundry IMO. Also I am friends with my mom and a lot of her friends and people from my hometown church. I keep that in mind when I am sharing things.

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NO, NEVER. I don't see FB or

NO, NEVER. I don't see FB or other social media as a place to air my dirty laundry or "vent." I use social media to share fun thoughts, pics of the family, etc. Also, both DH and I are owners in a law firm, and many of our FB friends are business acquaintances who send us work or who potentially would send us work. I would never want them to think I have any sort of "drama" like that in my life that might potentially impact my ability to be level-headed or otherwise make them not want to hire me. (I avoid all political or other controversial subjects on social media for the same reasons.) Beyond that, I think it reflects poorly on the person posting. There have been times when I've taken issue with something someone said on FB. As a matter of fact, one of my law partners posted a "vent" (unrelated to me) that I thought placed her in the kind of negative light I specifically want to avoid, and I sent her a PM telling her to think about how that made her look and to consider taking it down, which she did.

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There are many, many times I

There are many, many times I have WANTED to put skid or BM on blast on FB, BUT I would NEVER do that. Just not my style. All it does is create more drama and honestly if everyone is like me, it just provides entertainment for all your friends. I'll scroll past the "Oh my dog is so silly post" but get sucked into the "You're a bitch and I'm done with this shit" post with 85 comments EVERY.TIME! and never to comment or add my two cents, just to sit with my popcorn and watch shit explode. I guess I'm thankful for the people who DO blast on social media, but again, I would NEVER!


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