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Trash is What Trash Sells - UPDATE

So...DH told OSS about Supertwat selling his drum set and he was PIIIIIIIIIIIISSED! He said that OSS immediately texted her and told her that if she sold his drum set he would get an attorney and take her to court and that his Dad had the court paperwork that said the drums were to go back to her house because the belonged to HIM not her. As far as I know, she never texted him back.

I drove over to the sale this morning and stopped dead in front of her house. I just bought a little beater, commuter car to drive to work that she hasn't seen yet, and it has dark tinted windows so I knew she wouldn't notice me. Her entire driveway and yard was full of the kids stuff. Bikes, snowboards, RC cars and airplanes, dirt bike gear, skateboards, model cars, etc. If you didn't know better you would think that two kids live there. The garage was absolutely full of stuff too. I couldn't really see much of it, it was mostly small stuff on tables and some furniture. I didn't really see much that might of belonged to her. There was no beer can collection or John Denver's autographed panties, so it looks like her shit is safe and sound. The drum set was not in plain view. Maybe she sold it, maybe she pulled it from the sale, maybe she traded them for a double ended dildo, who the hell knows.

I don't know why it upsets me so much. It's not my stuff and DH has totally moved on from it. I can honestly say that he simply does not care about "stuff". He's just upset about her selling the kids' things. It just infuriates me, though and I hate that she can still pull shit that angers me so badly. I try to keep things in perspective, like the fact that she has their shit but DH has them, and she has completely lost their respect, but she'll never get it. For instance.. YSS received the local county Historical Society award at school yesterday. He had no idea that he was getting it and his essay was chosen out of many students nominated in the county. He hasn't even told DC. She has no idea. He hasn't spoken to her in over a week. Not a call, a text, nothing. But, I guarantee you that the minute that goat tittied bitch hears the news, she will plaster it all over Facebook so that her friends can congratulate her on how wonderful her little man is and what a specfuckingtacular mother she is for raising such a genius.

I don't know, maybe I just need to hog tie her to a pole, pull her mullet out of her head, knock the rest of her drug teef out of her filthy lying mouth and pull off those fucking ugly fake French tips off of her ham digits, serve my time and just be done with it. I don't know how else to let things go with her.

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Oh my - I laughed so hard...

Oh my - I laughed so hard... hilarious. You have a way with words. She sounds like a your typical nutjob.

Never sacrifice your class to get even with someone who has none. Let them have the gutter, you take the high road.

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I have never wanted to see

I have never wanted to see what a BM looks like in person more than this one!

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I understand where you are

I understand where you are coming from. Some people in my life are simply alive due to the fact that I don't want to go to prison. I figure eventually all of the bile and bitterness I swallow down will erupt at an inopportune time and I'll blow like Krakatoa. Hopefully, the target of my venom spewed explosion will be bm. Good times...good times...

"Sometimes I think of something so inappropriate and wrong that my little black heart skips a beat with delight."

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You know, the eruption of

You know, the eruption of Krakatoa was the loudest sound ever heard by human ears and most of the inhabitants that survived were rendered stone cold deaf. If you do explode like Krakatoa, could you please do it near DC so that she can't hear me coming when I jump her ass?

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Game on! It would be my

Game on! It would be my pleasure.

"Sometimes I think of something so inappropriate and wrong that my little black heart skips a beat with delight."

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our BM would keep skids stuff

our BM would keep skids stuff when she occasionally saw them and then PAWN IT!!! She stole a laptop, 2 bikes, a trumpet and a bunch of other stuff and sold it. She now begs money out of the grown skids and they send her some from time to time. I told them she is not going to ever pay them back so unless they consider it a gift not to bother. She sucks.