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Wtf is happening

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16 y/o SD stole a teacher's credit card and used it for days, (she hid all of this stuff at school so we couldn't have known). Teacher is pressing charges (we're all in favor of, it's not the first time she's stolen and I believe you pay for your crime, I'll back up my kid until they're wrong). She ran away to her bio dad's house in another city, (WHO SHE'S NEVER MET but once in 16 years, for about an hour) and lied to him and said we were abusing her. My question is, can the school police department go get her from his place and bring her back here to face charges, and, if anything can happen to him. Is a felony crime committed in school considered the same as a crime committed outside school.

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In my state, a felony is a felony. No, school cops will not play "capture the flag" to round up a runaway. DH/BM need to go haul her little butt back. DH/BM need to step up their parenting, big time.

I agree with your accountability premise but it can be darned hard to maintain. My then-6th-grade BS was busted drinking a Monster energy drink in the supermarket wandering with a gaggle of other boys. My boy DID NOT PAY FOR IT. Shoplifting. BS wound up paying almost $500 in fine and community service fees for a .99 drink. He paid it all himself over 6 months.

How will Texas handle it? No clue. DH may choose to alert Texas CPS that SD is spewing abuse crap to get her tail out of the wringer for her own felonious behavior.

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All it will take is an arrest warrant and a phone call to the police where she is hiding out and they will frog march her ass in handcuffs back to your local jail to face the consequences of her crime.

Let her actions fall full force on her head and she can spend the rest of her teens and probably into her 20s in juvenile prison where she belongs.