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Update on 16 yo SS

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I posted a couple months ago about my ss, who I grow to detest more every day. He is now seeing a psychiatrist, a psychologist, and a school counselor. He is on Vyvanse for ADD, and Prozac for depression. Since I last posted his grades have improved and is mood is better, however he had an episode on the school bus where he pretty much fell out and was taken by ambulance to the ER. This was determined to be an anxiety attack. The "egg donor" rarely calls, and ss still feels abandoned by her. Problem is, I hate ss so much it is ruining our marriage. I seriously resent everything about him. I resent that my money helps support him and his POS egg donor doesn't contribute AT ALL -- no child support. I resent that he has no life whatsoever, sits around the house moping, dragging his feet and barely talking above a whisper. I hate that he feels the need to constantly hug me. I would rather kiss a cow's ass than hug this child. He stares at me constantly. Everything he does irritates me. I have been totally honest with DH about how I feel. I want the kid to go back to his skank mother and allow my husband and I to have a life again. I swear this kid requires more monitoring and supervision than a 2 year old. He is going to his mother's for christmas and I pray every night that he will want to stay. I would HAPPILY write out a check each month for c/s just to rid my life of this pariah. I'm sorry he has problems, but he needs to go have problems at his mother's. She should have to deal with the mess she created, not me. She is probably the only happy one in the whole situation -- dumped her problem on my doorstep and doesn't pay a nickel to support him. The legal system in this country needs to hold women more accountable. It is not 1950 anymore -- women CAN work and support their spawn!!! Ugh! Thanks for listening. Keep your finger crossed for me!