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They keep ruining everything...

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The two SDs, 14 & 13, and the DH drove out to West to visit his family, which he does every year. (I would join after my week of work. After a couple days, we were to drive to  California for a week on the beach) As soon as they arrived, the two witches started disrespecting their grandmother and didn’t want to be around their cousins that are very close to them in age.

The older one then proceeded to kick me and DH out of our room (and assinine DH moves his own luggage) and she locks herself in a room to herself. She refuses to eat with the entire family and is a total asshole to everyone. The younger one locks herself in the bunkhouse and won’t allow her cousins to share with her.

My DH’s sisters have each come up to me separately during our stay and asked how I can put up with them and that they pray that I don’t divorce DH because of his hellacious kids. 

Well, their behavior hit an all time low while we were and he cancelled the rest of the trip to California. They didn’t even seem phased!!! I was proud to see him actually execute a punishment for their shitty behavior.

So since we’ve came back home, they’ve continued to be total demons. The dishwasher broke this weekend and you’d think asking them to wash a couple dishes was like we asked them to amputate one of their legs. She then asks her dad why he doesn’t spend more time in his room instead of the living room. She then proceeds to bitch at their dad about she had 2 full sinks of dishes... (3 cups, 4 plates and 5 utensils. what a joke)... and that she shouldn’t have to do all the work... and I said ‘wow’ because of her nerve and tone she took with her dad, my DH. She points at me and says, ‘why don’t YOU do this?!?’ like she’s dying from washing plates and storms off... so I follow her ass to the stairs and say, ‘you know what? I’m sick and gosh damn tired of you disrespecting your father and all other adults in your life!’ 

She also bitched about how her dad cooks all the time... he works out of the house and I work over 1 hour away. (The BM is a lazy heifer who stopped working for 12 years and apparently didn’t teach them to eat healthy or disciplined them) Plus he cooks them the few foods they eat... and I’m sorry I’m old skool and my philosophy is you eat what I gosh damn cook or you make your own sandwich or starve. I offered to cook some of our dishes which are better, but he complains that they won’t eat it. I don’t give a flying fig. You want me to cook and I don’t cook crap!

i don’t need advice... I just want someone to hear me and commiserate with me... I do not like these evil, undisciplined children. They have a mom and she’s told me she doesn’t care what they do. What they need now is someone to straighten them out, give them life skills and discipline! (My own daughter knew how to do laundry, cook some basic things like Mac n cheese, and how to vacuum and do some chores by 9. These demons don’t do anything) 

I think about what his sisters told me everyday lately. Why do I stick around? Some days I miss my house I had when I was a single lady and how much I wouldn’t miss these miserable kids.


please tell me I’m not the only one going through this...



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Your DH needs to grow a pair and set some limits on these bratty kids of his.

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I'm sorry to have to show it to you... it's absolutely aggravating. I just wish their BM would move with them to another country, planet or something.