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SD13 + Mobile= TROUBLE!!!!!

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My SD13 is a little bitch and the biggest shit stirrer between me, DH and BM!!!!! SD13 has been living with us now for 3 years and what happen last week is the the last straw!!!! my DH has 3 daughters SD21, SD16 and SD13 which i have no love for all of them. i dont have anything to do with the SD21 since she announce her engagement to her dickhead boyfriend on my wedding day in front of my family and friends OMG!!!!! the SD16 used to live with us but i kick her out by her being disrespectful and mentally abusive to me and is still doing it and now SD13 is doing the same thing!!!!! BM encourages the girls to bad mouth me, abuse me and treat me like shit even though she refuses to have any of her kids live with her she is calling me the bad role model lmao. recently i saw something on the tv about parents being mentally abusive to their kids and one mother has been jailed for it, not knowing SD13 was just about into the room i commented saying that her mother should be jailed too. next morning DH got a abusive phone call from BM saying i should keep my fucking mouth shut before she comes and shut it for me (all bark and no bite from the little lapdog just like SD16 and SD21). first DH had a go at ME for saying something i shouldn't in my own house (WTF!!!!!) then rang SD13 (who was on her way to school at the time) asking why she said what i said to her mother SD13 responded saying "mum asks me if lani (which is me) has said everything about me so i told her" i could not believe it! cause the same thing happen when the SD16 bitch lived with us telling mummy things i was doing and saying. that was last week and she hasn't been home since cause DH thinks i need time to cool down (hahahaha are you fucking kidding me!!!) and SD13 has not been punish in anyway for going out of her way to stir shit!!!!. i said the punishment should be no credit on her phone to call people and grounding for 2 weeks. DH agrees on the grounding so school holidays are coming up in 1 week so the first two weeks she is grounded but he thinks she should keep her phone with credit on it cause quote " kids her age needs a phone" :sick: . i cannot wrap my head around why BM wants to know what i think, say and move crazy bitch!!! i tried to disengage from SD13 in the past but her mother is useless and self absorbed and definitely will not take her to live with her (SD21 lives with lazy boyfriend and SD16 lives with BM parents) what can i do? i do not want anything to do with SD13 anymore but DH is away for work most of the time and BM wont take her! how do i handle her??

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"DH got a abusive phone call from BM saying i should keep my fucking mouth shut before she comes and shut it for me"

Three words: Bring it Bitch!!

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i did tell her to come over and say it to my face several times but the coward never shows up and when i see her in public she looks the other way and pretends she didn't see me and SD16 does the same lol pathetic cowards!!!!!

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SD shouldn't be there if DH isn't. She's not your responsibility. Take her to BM's house and leave her there.

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After this past week, I'm done walking on egg shells! IF SheSloth ever comes around, I plan on doing my best to be gone when she is here! She now no longer lives in my house...nothing is my problem! Shoot, I'm even thinking about totally unlocking her phone (not data...just the time restrictions) so she can be on the thing all night long! If BM wants her off the phone at certain hours, she can take it up at night! And when SheSloth's little brother slams her phone on the ground and breaks it? Girl will be lucky to get a talk/text phone out of us (again, the phone at this point is on the table to help keep child support at current level, as BM does not NEED more money than she is getting...she is being told that a phone is not part of court order, and if she insists on more money, we will gladly drop SheSloth's line and they can pay for it...we just got through raising SheSloth for last 2 years with no financial help from BM, and very little parental help as SheSloth barely went to her for visits).

I'm not watching what I say or do any more! I'm laying it all on the line! The girl will not move back into this house...I don't care what she does!!! Time for SheSloth to quit running from her trouble and BM to quit running from the problem she created! They will make their bed and sleep in it from now on!

And if BM ever wants to come at me? Bring it!

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Can't, I say unlock the phone! SheSloth will be on it all night long, and won't go to school because BM will let her sleep in. Then the tardies will come, and if she makes Guard, she will be asked to sit out......Ooooh snowball effect time because WHY should YOU care!

The phone is DHs gift to SheSloth! Let her use it to it's full potential! LOL BM will lose her mind! }:)

~ Moon