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Rude with food

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Rudeness is having a dinner party and allowing SS to have some food too. Comes up from the basement cave to be first in the food line and make his plate first. Basically emptied the scampi shrimp dish and tartlett platter. I'm beyond embarrassed! There are 7 guests behind him! I went outside to scream!!!! }:)

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What a rude move. Is the same SS who is like a spit away from eighteen? What did his father say to him? Not like the kid is seven and may have needed a pre-reminded to use manners.

It's nice the teen found his way up from his hiding hole to participate, I suppose, but in my home guest go first. We let the parents fix small kids plates to get the kiddies settled off then the adults.

Shrimp scampi is one of my favorites, too bad the kid took it all and no one else got any.

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Same old thing, he's just a kid! Um no, he'll be eligible for the draft in a few months! He acted like a starving person who saw food for first time in weeks.

In speaking with his a while ago he apologized and said he didn't realize that was being rude. Wth!

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I had to teach SDs basic dinner manners... neither DH nor BM had even taught them how to use a napkin (I am talking paper, not formal) or knife. At least they were young and DH didn't mind.

I am sure your guests knew it wasn't your fault.

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Most kids seem to learn early on that guests are always served first, part of basic hospitality. Maybe he needs another lecture on how that's the way you run your house and he keeps on being selfish, then he can stay in the basement with some Mac & cheese you send down 15 minutes before the guests arrive.

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You should have jerked a knot in his tail real time and bared his ass in front of everyone. I would have were I you.


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Since he's going to act like a little kid, his dad needs to make a plate for him OR he can be LAST in the bloody line. Sheesh.

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I was thinking about this....DH and I had some friends over years ago, just a few people.
I made a nice cheese/fruit and cracker plate and placed the items out, in the middle of the adults who were all seated around talking.

Youngest SD and her TF (troublesome friend) crawled (literally) into the circle, grabbed a handful of crackers each, almost cleaning off the newly set out plate, and sat down right there on the floor and started stuffing their faces. DH and TFs parents said nothing. I was astonished, as was one of my other friends.

I immediately told them, firmly, "Nope, this is food for the adults. If you want snacks, I put some out on the counter for you (which I had done), go get it from there." I replenished the crackers and they were out of there. My friend was, "In what world is it OK for kids to DO that - you were the only one who said anything!" Yep, SM world.

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Ah Cover1w, the cheese board stress. I know it well.

I now refuse to make a cheeseboard when SD15 is around as it is such a disgusting spectacle. She eats the cheese so fast, everyone else starts to speed up eating to ensure they get some. It makes it an unpleasant and anxiety inducing experience. I have seen her get out of her seat at the table and go and stand beside DH who sits at the head of the table so she can grab the cheese knife next. Such is the pure, unbridled greed of the girl.