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:jawdrop: :jawdrop: :jawdrop:

IT WAS AWFUL! NEVER NEVER EVER AGAIN will I go to shit for that little evil bitch.

First of all, I didn't help her with anything, she asked to borrow my bracelets- no, the she asked FDH to ask me if she could borrow dangly earrings and a silver clutch- no and no- she's to much of a coward to ask me herself and fuck her, she's not borrowing shit.

Pictures ended up getting taken at her boyfriends house so we could meet his parents. It was beyond awkward. And I did go- FDH guilted me into goin and I was a little more willing since it wasn't at BM's. SD15 acted like I wasn't even there, FDH called me out to take a pic with SD15 in front of everyone and it was so phony AND

Here's the big grand finale.............

SD15 asked for a pic of her and her parents together.......exactly what I was afraid of, FH promised me that wouldn't happen. He never thought she would even ask.

It got dead silent and FDH was like " SD15 it's not like you are getting married" :? (why would he even say that???? he said he was on the spot and didn't know what to do)

BM was like "Ummmm you are standing alone babe"

FDH walked over to SD15 and stood by her for the picture and then BM walked over and SD15 started BAWLING....... Everyone was like oh it's ok, don't ruin your make up :sick:

R u fucking kidding me? The family pic she always wanted. I started gathering my things, I was in shock, I was furious- I could not even believe what was happening in front of me.

I walked out, We got in the car and I FREAKED out on FDH, it was not pretty. I still feel sick to my stomach. "he said what am I supposed to do? Let my daughter cry in front of everyone bc we don't want to take a pic??"

I'm shaking I'm so angry.

After smiling in his face, she sent him a text on Sunday morning that she's taking him to court for child support- even though he pays for EVERYTHING. She wants him to beg for him not too and offer to pay more bc she's broke and out of work and he makes good money. He spoke with a lawyer this morning and told her and now he's paying $50 more and she's supposedly stopping the order for support. Y would he even trust her???
I'm just livid.

It was a weekend from hell, I'm so angry. I'm done going to shit, I'm sick of his EX WIFE having him by the balls and every few months threatening him with court.

I told him he needs to get a lawyer and have her sign the agreement whether it's through mediation or whatever so she can stop with the threats. He called a lawyer this morning and then talked to XW and she agreed to his offer. I'm so fucking mad he's even playing her game- I said call her bluff! He is not a dead beat and takes care of everything anyway.

I feel sick :sick:

Weekend from hell. I need to set some boundaries- quick

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In answer to your FDH - YES, you stand there and let your FIFTEEN year old daughter cry just because you refuse to take a "family" photo in front of the soon-to-be-stepmom! OMG!

I'm so sorry.

Definitely time to set some boundaries for you my dear, or you're gonna go crazy for real. Sad's picture

Thats what I said in the truck- I freaked out- literally. It was bad

I just am so done and frustrated

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I'm pissed FOR her. If I were close by, I'd take my happy ass over to her FDH and give him a good ol' fashioned piece of my Detroit attitude, plain and simple!'s picture

LOL, Thats why I went psycho!!! It was everything built up and that was it for me- I freaked the fuck out and now FDH thinks I'm a little crazy.........he said I shocked him! LOL he's kinda scared }:)

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GOOOOOOD! Maybe he'll remember this freak out episode for next time and decide it's not worth getting you riled up over!

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Sounds awful...and sounds like this woman is related to my husband's ex! Yes, you need to get those boundaries in place, or it will get out of control once you are married. I know! I've been in this for 13 years now, and it has only gotten worse. What BM wants, BM always gets. More money? Here you go. Oh, I have to go out of my way and pick her up on Saturday morning because she would rather go to Wal-Mart with you on Friday evening? Okay. UGH! My DH has even given the woman money when she didn't even have the child in her custody! My SD lived with us for an entire school year back when she was in 4th grade, while BM supposedly got her act together after her sister died. She whined to DH that she needed help while she got back on her feet, so he gave her half of the child support every month that year! This last time my SD lived with us (first half of this school year), she moved in with us the day after DH paid child support for the month of Sept. Then, BM called him crying that she needed the child support for Oct., even though my SD was still living with us! He gave it to her! When he refused to do the same thing for Nov., that is when she started getting ugly and throwing around threats about taking him to court, etc. She started to text my SD begging her to come home, while also texting me calling me a b***h because I wouldn't let her daughter walk all over me in my own house! Where do these women come from, and how the heck did they get anyone to marry them in the first place?

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15 is beyond old enough to realize that mom and dad are no longer together, and they will never again be together. My parents divorced when I was 12. There have been 5 graduations between my brother and me, a couple of proms, and 2 weddings. My parents are not in any photos together, and up until a couple of years ago, they were very civil to each other. I never asked them to be in a picture together with me. It is ridiculous.

I feel for you. It would be one thing if your SD was very young and did this, but she needs to grow up, and your DH needs to wake up. I can only imagine when she gets married one day...'s picture

Exactly- She knew what she was doing- she had it planned. I'm so angry, she will be 16 in 2 weeks and FDH keeps referring to her as "just a kid"

As of now I will never be a part of anything to do with her. I really don't give 2 shits if he thinks shes just a kid, I'm angry towards her and my resentment is building.

OMG I can't even imagine her wedding :sick:

Sorry but when you aren't a family any more I really think it's unnecessary to take "family" pictures

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Wow, ok I get your response to prom photos, and it's totally justified,
but I do think wedding pics are different.

My parents split when I was 15, I got married at 24, and I have pics with me, my mum and dad; me my mum and step-dad; me my dad and step-mum, and the whole freaking lot of us together LOL

I don't think it is unreasonable for a bride to want both her parents in a pic with her on her wedding day, the are BOTH still her family even if not each others?

That said, I would have never excluded the step-parents either, they were ALL my parents (and my SM was BS crazy - is now locked up)'s picture

It was my biggest fear, thats why I got his word beforehand that it wouldn't happen, and it DID :jawdrop: And I don't give a fuck what anyone thinks, I resent SD15 for pulling that shit. Yes, it was FDH's fault too and believe me he's in the dog house but it makes me hate SD15 even more

I told him since I'm not a part of their family and they want to take family pics theres no reason for me to be there. I was his wing man and had his back- not no more. Either shits changing NOW or he's flyin solo's picture

Yes, I agree and he was in an awkward situation. I told him he better tell her ass to never pull that shit again and from now on pictures are in separate places or he can go alone. He never wants to make SD15 pay for the divorce so he always goes out of his way to be a part of things or else he's the worst dad on the planet and a piece of he does it.

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SS does this EVERYTIME DH and BM are at the same location. Big family pic with the three of them. Makes me wanna barf.'s picture

How can you stand it?! I'm still enraged! It feeds into the skids fallacy that the parents will be back together and theres no more you and they will live happily ever after.

I reacted in a way I never thought- i'm not proud of it either. I went straight psycho on his ass's picture

Oh I already thought of it and put a stop to that real quick. FDH called her and said she better not even think of posting those pictures on FB- I said you think u saw my worst 2 secs ago? You haven't seen shit let me come across that pic online.............

But now, FDH has a little fear- he really thinks I'm kinda crazy!!!! LMAO it's funny but it's not. I straight SNAPPED

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It does not make me that mad! lol

It just makes me cringe. DH says that he has no issue with it and it is for his boy and he sees no harm in it. (SS is 20)

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Oh don't doubt that I want to spit in the face of DH - BM and SS when I see those pictures.

Thank goodness, I am not usually there when when this happens. lol's picture

I think it's just straight up disrespectful- makes me sick to even look at them together. Now that picture is branded in my brain...UGH's picture

Thanks Smile I was not havin that shit what so ever!

He said he's gonna talk to her about it and tell her how awkward she made everyone feel by doing that and that he doesn't want any pics with her mom........We will see......

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I would have probably been arrested for disturbing the peace. You handled that very well I think. I am enraged for you. Sorry that happened.

Well it sounds like your man likes the women in his life calling all the shots. Maybe it's about time you went a little crazy on him. Sounds like that's what it takes to get his attention. It's unfortunate that so many DH's are ruled by fear and guilt. But then again the BMs and skids can be pretty scary.