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Period Talk

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So fun times with DH and SD13 lately.
They've been 'best buds' with DH watching shows with her (me retreat to bedroom because I 1) don't want to watch the horrible shows and 2) DH 'getting into it' with her and exclaiming all about. Just stop. I know it's because he cannot figure out what to do with her but it's awful.

Last night I overheard this exchange...there was a tampon ad and SD13 says something about how ridiculous the ad was because it showed teens/women exercising - use our tampon and no worries thing. I kept mouth shut. "WHO exercises when they are on their period? That's just stupid." Says SD13 who is the laziest teen, no exercise even on the best of days, who does nothing on her period but lay around and complain and sometimes stays home from school. DH AGREES with her. Never mind ME who is in the house and is an avid active person...still keep my mouth shut. Then DH says, "You know, some women who exercise don't get their period." SD13, "Really?" Me - I CANNOT KEEP MY MOUTH SHUT NOW, "DH, no, you are not correct. It's about unhealthy fat ratio and an out-of-balance endocrine system. It's not about exercising...add a few more things about how unhealthy it is."
You know, because SD13 needs more information about unhealthy habits to move her right along with ideas about how to get rid of her period.

Anyway, afterwards, there's silence and whispering and giggling.


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I have learned with my DH who was just as simple minded with his SD to must keep my mouth shut. He told SD some stuff that was just complete and utter crap. I remember watching it blow up in his face one time so magnificently that he started referring to me before trying to give SD truths on women's ways.

We were at my moms house for dinner and SD was complaining about cramps and how that's why you should never wear tampons because they cause the cramps. My mom looked at her and was all "What are you talking about? That's not what causes cramps, who told you that?" SD hung her head and DH started turning purple. I chimed in "I'm assuming it was something DH told SD because you know he's so well versed in that time of the month." DH just sat there for a moment then said "Well I mean I don't know I just figured that's what happens, because SD asked me and it made sense to me so that's what I told her." My mom just stared at him for a minute then changed the subject.

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LOL - yes, I normally stay out of it unless SD13 asks me a direct question.
After last night you can be sure I'm done with it.

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Um tampons and the like worsen my cramps but I don’t think ever CAUSE the cramps.

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Wow. It is worse than I thought. We apparently have apparently been letting idiots out of our high schools for much longer than I thought.


I am a man and even I get the basics of that time of the month. I have made the run to the store for supplies and pregnancy tests more times than I care to recount in my lifetime.

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I don't know. Personally I don't get cramps anymore since switching from tampons to cloth pads. I've also heard a cup can reduce/eliminate cramps. Either way, it's funny that a man would be giving his input on this topic. LOL.

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Thanks to Jesus my stepbrat is male but I had a DD that’s going to hit puberty in many years (I hope.) I plan on doing up a kit for her but I’m dreading the tampon talk. I never used one before I was 18, I think. Sad :O

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Probably me.
BM doesn't help much at all.
I do the bra shopping - they (SD11 now included) refuse to go to her for that either.

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Your post makes me want to puke...
I could NOT deal with that topic of conversation just.... :sick:
And I bet your sicko husband thinks he's just the coolest dad ever...again :sick:

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HAHA. Yes, I think he does.
Just on Wednesday nights. She never comes out of her room other than to watch a couple shows on the upstairs tv. He complains about it all the time but doesn't DO anything about it. So he's desperate for any speck of communication with her.

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What do you want to talk about. Period is a broad topic. Wink

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or .... THAT other period?

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My DH and his daughter discuss her womb issues over the phone- she's 40!

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I really hope I don't have to overhear any of these conversations in the future. My SD is 9 and she just started wearing a bra. I'm not sure if it's because she actually needs it or because other kids have started wearing them so it's the cool thing to do. It made my husband a little uncomfortable when she mentioned it, so I'm guessing he won't be super into any conversations about periods if she brings it up. I'm actually more worried about finding all kinds of messes after reading some horror stories on here over the years.

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I'm going to through something at you now Cover.... what went through your husbands brain... at that moment...

SD is lazy and does nothing..... DH telling her doing sport will stop your period....

see .. he thought he would be clever and get her to move a bit, and you interfered.....

you should've stayed out of it, laughed your ass off and see if SD suddenly started moving and living healthy.....

Men .... SO actually told Aergia not washing and keeping that flower clean can cause HIV... she believed him.... I shaked my head..and wondered.. what the hell is this girl doing in biology class?? for the past 5 years??