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My Stepdaughter exaggerates everything

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So today I was in the pool. My son, daughter and my daughters boyfriend came out there and got in. I told my husband to go tell his daughter to come out there with us. He went in and called me and told me to tell my stepdaughter I wanted her to come out with us so I sent her a text and asked her to come out to the pool. My husband came out and told me that she had told him that she doesn't think I like her because she got an IPhone for her birthday the other day, and she told him I won't answer her questions and have been mean to her. Of corse my husband knew I was happy to get her the IPhone, he knew she was blowing things out of proportion. Well there was one question I hadn't answered. She came in the room where me,my son and his friends were and wanted to know what was going on. I simply smiled and said "O, nothing". I didn't want to go into a long story about what all was going on, which wasn't any of her business anyway. This is a common answer I give ALL the kids when I don't feel something is their business, but my stepdaughter thinks everything is her business. Now the only thing I did that she must consider mean was something I said to her. Here is the story on that....I came home from getting groceries, my son and daughter came to help me as they always do. Then I got laundry out of dryer to fold it and my son came over to help. My stepdaughter said "wow, good job" to my son. I said "yes it sure is. He always comes to help like a teenager should". I did explain to my husband why she said these things and he did say "don't worry about it, I know my daughter over exaggerates things". I appreciate him saying that but I do wish she would stop this kind of stuff. It is driving me crazy!!!!