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my amusement today

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I got a new phone and i wanted to find a pic that reflected what i really think of my SD14 to use as her contact photo.

i found an awesome Veruca Salt that says "Daddy i want it all!!!" on it. i never call her or text her anymore but it makes me secretly happy knowing its there.

Now off to find something equally good for BM......

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hereiam, i got SD's in the beginning when she was a somewhat normal child. we used to text, etc. i have her mother's for emergency only.

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OMG that first one is attractive lol. Fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down! Lost some teeth in the fall, I see.....


~ Moon

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SO has the name "Madam Mim" in his phone for BM. She is a cartoon witch and we actually call her that when we talk about her!

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i found a nice pic of Miss Piggy to use for BM. she seroiusly looks like her (the nose) but only the miss piggy shots with straight hair. she's not curly. lol

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For PigPen, I have a picture of PigPen with the word "DIRTY" below it. For PrincASS15, the human garbage disposal, I have a picture of a guy holding up a platter with a turkey, about to dump the entire thing in his big mouth.