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Lazy, loud, rude teenagers!

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I am so tired today I can hardly hold my own head up at work. Why? Skids. Are any of you surprised? I doubt it.

My DH is OOT this week so I get to watch over SS15 and SD13. They are usually okay for me … it is DH they walk all over, because they know he will cave whereas wicked SM just says NO WAY!

Anyway, the new summer schedule for these two has been UP ALL NIGHT, SLEEP ALL DAY. I'm not kidding either. SS has been on his Xbox until 6 am, when he will stomp downstairs, nuke himself some kind of meat, making lots of noise and then stomping back up to bed for the day. I have had discussions with him in the past that while I don't really give a crap if he wants to be a lazy sloth all summer and live like a nocturnal creature … DONT WAKE ME UP! I have to work during the day!

Last night I told both skids was going to bed at 10:30. Something woke me up at midnight. I thought it was a storm, but now that many neighbors have told me it didn't storm here last night, I now think they were doing something. Cue 3:30 am, my eyes are open again and I am wondering what is going on. Pretty soon I hear SS's loud ass voice booming in the hall. I lay there a bit, hoping I just can fall back asleep. NO, the loudness and laughter continue. Up I go and down the hall. Every light and door is open at their end. I go into the OPEN DOOR of the spare room, where I see BOTH SD and SS playing Xbox. 3:30 AM! They are on XBOX Live, yelling into the headphones! I yell HEY! Ignored. HEY!!!!!!

They both look at me blank with a "what do you want expression?" OMG I really wanted to bonk their heads together! I told them they were being really loud, it was very late (or early) and that they woke me up. And why was the door wide open? They were both like oh. No I'm sorries. No nothing. They just keep playing. i slam that door shut and my door shut and go back to bed, where I lay awake for the next hour and half.

6am. WHY AM I AWAKE AGAIN? Oh because SS is cooking pork in the microwave because he is still awake! I am livid now.

I finally drug myself out of bed and into my office at 8:15 (LATE) and here I sit working with sandy feeling eyes and a fuzzy head. Both kids are sleeping. I am pissed off at them and my stupid DH who lets them do this crap and then goes away and leaves me to deal with it.

I think that tonight the wifi router may be going to bed with me, at 8pm, because I am soooooo tired. }:)

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Sounds like they lost their xbox privileges to me...if you don't want to put your foot down and physically take it away, just change your wifi code. WHen they ask, just say "I have no idea what you mean". It works like a charm EVERY time. It's also a lot more fun, w/o the "I hate you" drama.

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Yep. Turn off the WiFi and lock up the Xbox controllers. If they want to stay up all night, they can find something to (gasp!) read. If they can't be considerate of the people who do need to sleep, they can lose their privileges.

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Nope. When SD17 lived with us (briefly) she pulled that crap ONCE. I woke her butt up at 7 am and told her it was time to get up. She went to bed "early" that night. Wink

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Change the wifi code. Easy enough. They need to learn there is consequences to their behavior. Be considerate of the one paying the bills.

I like the idea of changing it daily in the summer and seeing what they can do to earn the password.

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Yup, yup...take it all away! I would have also personally gone banging on their doors about an hour after they went to sleep. Let them fall back asleep, and bang on their doors and wake them up again. I would keep doing that all day.

SD15 is much the same way about having no consideration for anyone. For all she knew this morning, I was still asleep. She was putting her lunch together to take to practice for her, slamming everything she could around in the kitchen. Takes a knife out of the drawer, slams it shut. Gets the bread and peanut butter out of the pantry, slams it shut. Puts it back in, slams the door shut again. Gets the jelly out of the fridge, slam...back in, slam...back into the pantry for a baggie, slam. Drops the knife in the sink (guess DH will wash it for her later like he did last night). It was like she was doing on purpose hoping she would wake me up! Little did she know that I was already awake and dressed. I was just waiting for her to be done in the kitchen so I could leave, as I didn't want to see or talk to her!

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i personally completely disagree with the "no bedtime" mentality in the summer for several reasons.

1. studies show that its healthiest to go to bed and get up at the same time every day, all year long

2. allowing kids this freedom on the summer makes it HELL come fall to get them back on a normal schedule

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Wait til they fall asleep then turn up the music, vacuum the house and tell them you need their dirty bedding to wash. Get them up and see how keen they are to do it again.

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I refuse to be quiet if the skids (typically SS16) stay up too late gaming. I use the mixer, talk on the phone, anything that makes noise. The last time, I vacuumed. In their bedroom. While he was sleeping. He's up by 9am now.

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SD15 thinks that summer means she gets to stay up all night and sleep all day, as well. BS19 takes great pride in banging on her door at 9:00 a.m. as he walks by. LOVE IT! You can hear her wake up, yell at him, and then I guess she falls back to sleep, because she doesn't come out for hours later.

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Oh - the 15yoSS just came into my office ASKING ME FOR THINGS. Not a good idea kid. I told him to go away because me made me tired and grumpy. I am making him sit up there and sweat it out thinking I am going to say no to all of it because I got woken up all night long.

He wants to have a friend over tonight. Um. NO.

He wants to go to an amusement park with his GF tomorrow. Probably I will okay that one, but only if they come and pick him up and I am not giving him any cash. This will be getting him out of his chore of mowing the grass too. But I would rather he is just gone. }:)

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Sleeping with the WiFi router is a great idea. So is dumping a bucket of ice water on each of them when you are leaving for the office adn they are comatose from an all night idiot box session. }:)

When we hit out teens mom and dad would tolerate an occassional all night grab ass fest from us but we were not allowed to crash the next day. They always met an all nighter with major laborious chores the next day.As a life long commited Night Owl they tought me that if I was going to be awake all night I had better be able to be productive the next day on no sleep.

At 50 I still struggle with night owl tendencies but fortunately I have been able to prevent that from limiting my success.

Ice water dumped on a comatose teen. It is an amazing lesson tactic for rude and insensitive behavior. }:) Blum 3 Dirol

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I'm thinking I need to pick up my sax again! When SD15 things she is going to sleep in, just bust into her room with it.

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Ooooooo, I do this too! And I make a point of using the one that's on the other side of the skids' bedroom wall.