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Just been attacked...and that is the end.

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Well, as said in my previous post on here after 4 years of an absolute nightmare stepson who has went from a 13 year old delinquent to a 17 year old thug...I am now free. I was sat in my house today minding my own business on my day off work and the door opens...I got a fright as no one due home yet...Next thing I know my stepson is standing in my bedroom SCREAMING at me that he wants to see his dad. He'd have known his dad wasn't in as only my car outside so I told him he wasn't welcome in here ( he's known this for a very long time ) and he was to leave. He refused to go and told me this was HIS HOUSE?? My house my's my name on the deeds! He called me a bitch and a cow and at this point i grabbed him by the scruff of the neck and pushed him out, walked him out down the stairs while he's threatening me that I am "going to be sorry" and then I pushed him out the door. He kicked my front door opened again and my hand was still on it so my wrist is all bruised. He stood outside screaming horrible things at me, so I dialled 999 and the police have came and lifted him. His dad isn't home from work yet as but he is aware as I have emailed him to let him know. He either agrees with me on this and that's him completely done with our family or he can pack his bags. Either way...GOOD RIDDANCE TO SCUMBAG RUBBISH!

Happy me Smile

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How TERRIBLE!!! Glad you told him out and now get some teeth behind it with a court order!!

I fear skids will do this to me at some point. Pumpkinhead (OSS stb 19) is back in the BM's hometown (which is about 15 minutes away from where I live) Pumpkinhead is about 6' 2" and weighs about 300 lbs.

Dominatrix (SD stb 17) keeps posting on FB about how a "girl shouldn't have to beg to have a relationship with her father" and "father broke my heart before any boy could" AHEM this is the lovely SD who stood Chef up THRICE during his reunification attempt via counseling. She's about 5' 9" and 200 lbs

Prince Hygiene (YSS) so far is too much of a chicken shit to do anything like this at age 12.5.

All three have been PASed out by the BM.

Makes me want to go for a concealed carry.

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Good God, I am glad you are ok. Teenage boys out of control like that are something else and very dangerous :jawdrop: One of my nephews was like that, broke every window and door in the house and still they didn't call the police. Good for you for calling the cops. Well you had no choice as he was threatening you. I sincerely hope your DH does not take his side and sees this boy as a troubled juvenile delinquent. How did he get in? Does he have a key?? Change the locks immediately.

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Keep doors locked.
Change locks if SS has key.
Sounds like he knows you were there alone.
Very scary.....
I'm hoping you stay safe....

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That is so horrible and I'm so glad you are ok. I don't know if I could have been that brave. This is almost the same thing that happened to my sister. Her SS17 was in her bedroom and she told him to get out and he started calling her names and so she tried to physically remove him except she wasn't successful like you.

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Castle laws work great for exterminating violent vermin in your home. Next time he invades your home or assaults you, end the problem.

IMHO of course.