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This is a good one! SheSloth is claiming that she suffers from insomnia! Hmmm, she seems to have no problem sleeping during normal waking hours! Maybe someone needs to clue her in on what insomnia really is! She has no problem sleeping solidly for hours while the sun is up! Insomnia means you have problems getting solid sleep...EVER! Maybe if SheSloth didn't sleep most of the day, she would have the ability to actually sleep at night like a normal person!

But much like BM, SheSloth I think is a bit of a hypochondriac! There is ALWAYS something wrong with her...her knee (which changes which knew often, like she forgets which is supposed to have problems), headaches, stomach aches (um, it's called hunger), and now she is adding insomniac to her list!

For new readers...yes, SheSloth has food issues. She goes through periods of starvation and bingeing. Right now, because school starts soon and she must look good (add narcissism to her resume), she has been starving herself. Yeah...I know...eating disorders are serious and all that. Believe me...I have tried to talk to DH about it multiple times!!!! Friends and family have mentioned to DH that they are concerned that she immediately disappears to the bathroom when she does eat! I had a discussion with DH just Thursday, AGAIN urging him to do something! I got home from the gym. DH just got back from dropping off SheSloth at BM's. DH did not make SheSloth eat before guard practice, or the short time she was home before going to BM's. I told him, "So that means she didn't eat today!" He argues no, she didn't eat dinner. I fished her soup packet that was the ONLY thing she ate all day, and showed him the calorie content...70 calories! I told him 70 calories did not count as eating, and she has a real problem, as the day before, all she are was a can of tuna and a 100 calorie pack of animal cookies! He just shrugged his shoulders. He has said he is tired of trying to make her eat! I have no legal standing on the issue, or believe me, I would commit her to a treatment facility! My insurance (which SheSloth is on because DH is responsible for insurance and his is crappy) has really good mental health coverage!

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Now, SheSloth is outside doing the ice bucket challenge. When DH asked her why, she said, "Because it looks like fun, and my friend called me out on the challenge." I made it a point to say right in front of SheSloth that I was so done with the challenge! I said it has gotten to the point of being stupid, because people are doing it to just put videos on the web and have no clue what ALS even is! DH asked SheSloth if she knew what ALS was, and she admitted she didn't, but said she had to do it because her friend challenged her. I said, "Whatever...getting really tired of sheep, but be a sheep if you want!"

BTW...I brought up the GoFundMe idea for the camp. DH actually thought it was a good idea and is supposed to help her set up a page. I told her, "Well think about why people should give you money to help you go...think about what this really means to you because people aren't just going to give you money because!" Yeah...made my best effort to drive that point home! She is still bugging about a job though. Yeah, would do her good, but also drove home the point I'm going to be working two count me out to take her, and I won't be picking up as I won't be staying up until midnight when I have a 5 am client!

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Get a brochure on Alzheimer's. One of the symptoms should be sleeping during the day and alert at night. Put a star next to the symptom and leave it with your stuff but where she'll notice. Write "Check this out" on the front of it or something.

You've really got to stop with the "AGAIN" stuff. Once you've had your say to husband you're doing nothing but nagging and accomplishing nothing except distracting him from the problem. People are small minded you know, the more you yap about it the more he may just choose to ignore you.

Try shutting up for 6 months and see what happens then try again. Shutting up that is. In the end its not your problem if she ends up street walking because she can't sleep and thinks she's the prettiest on the street. At least she can put her marching practice to good use.

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What I keep trying to bring to his attention is the eating disorder. But, yeah, if he won't listen, he won't listen! May seem mean, but I'm really hoping she falls out at school and he gets that I will not be answering my phone when I see the school number anymore! Finally finished all regarding BS19 (had one more question about his transcript that we finally resolved). If she falls out at school, maybe he will have to finally acknowledge that the girl has problems!

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Wow Can't keep doing this I think our SD's were together in a pod or under the same rock my SD here is lying about everything under the sun just so she can live with BM, SD was upset because no one nominated her to do the ALS challenge and of course a lot of these kids just don't understand what its about, is it just the age or BS with these girls?

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no one nominated my SD13 and what's pathetic is she went around asking to be nominated.

i guarantee you she has no idea what ALS is.

funny becuase these kids have the web constantly at their fingertips with their gadgets and phones yet never use it for anything productive.

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Right? All the information could possibly want at their fingertips, and what are the kinds of things they look up? Make-up how-tos, clothes, and information on boy bands! Yet, someone will "challenge" them to do something, and they won't even take the time to look up what the challenge is, what it is in support of, any information about the organization, etc. Nope...they just do it because everyone else is!