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I think I have the dumbest husband/parent in the world

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I have bitched a few times about the fact that my DH can't seem to pay enough attention to his 14 year old son to get him to bed at a decent hour - ever.

We went to dinner with a few game parents after SS's event tonight. It was discussed BY EVERY SINGLE PARENT at that table that they take their kids electronics at 10 or earlier on school nights so their kids will go to bed. My DH is heartily agreeing. HA! Like he would ever do this to his Darling Prince!

We got home at 7pm. SS did his usual effing around in his room. DH decided it was a good idea to take a nap until 9:30 pm. SD had gone to bed at 9 because she isn't an idiot and she knows she will feel like shit in the morning if she doesn't get enough rest.

DH has to get SS into the shower, who has been in his sweaty uniform since 3pm now. Ew! 45 minutes later ... At 10:15 and where is SS? Downstairs chatting it up with DH. OMG. DH you effing dumbass. This is SS's ploy to stay up all damn night. DH isn't paying attention to the clock. If SS had soooo much to say - then where was he all the rest of the weekend? Yeah - he had to save it all up for his ploy to not go to bed.

Here is what is going to happen next - DH will look at the clock at some point and say "oMG buddy, it's late! You should get yourself up to bed!" SS will go to his room, but not to bed. He will go in there and text until midnight. But because DH slept two hours already and because he is a stupid ostrich who sticks his head in the the sand - he will - as usual - not come to make sure the punk actually goes to sleep. Because electronics stay in the rooms with the kids in this house.

You might wonder why I care? Because in the morning I will be subjected to the screaming when Prince Punk won't get up. Omg I so hate my life.