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I don't care!

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SheSloth walks in the door this after noon after school singing, "I'm home!!" I wanted to sing from my office, "Nobody cares!!!!" Is that mean? Instead, I simply just didn't acknowledge her. Of course, I'm now wondering if I should call her SheSloth, or the tonail queen. Come on 6 p.m., so I can get out of here and head to the gym!

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LOL @kathc...that is what I think to myself every time SheSloth starts going on and on about guard! The way she goes on about herself and stuff, I often want to scream, "Who cares!!!!" No one is safe! Sundays at church, she will go from one person to another talking about herself. It was funny...yesterday, SheSloth wasn't at church because she was at BM's. DH was telling SheSloth, "Everyone missed you at church today." I wanted to say, "No they didn't! They were relieved that they didn't have to listen to another color guard story, or hear about how SheSloth thinks she needs prayer for her fake knee injury that has been going on for a year already!"

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Bwahahaha! Wouldn't that be great when she pulls her just walking into the TV room and standing there until someone acknowledges her presence? Hide it in my chair, and when I see her standing there out of the corner of my eye, just raise a butt cheek off the chair and rip one?

SheSloth just left without telling me she was leaving. I wonder if DH knows she is going with her friend, or if she is just getting so used to DH letting her be with the friend, she just went without even asking (that would be her usual M.O.). All of a sudden all the friends with cars. Yeah, I know...she IS 15, but still. All these people that can help her hatch master plans, and DH just lets her go willy nilly!

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We have the "Farts: A Spotters Guide" book. It's a riot! It would be perfect! You could acknowledge SheSloth's arrival in about 10 different ways! Blum 3


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Since no one acknowledge her arrival it seems appropriate for her to leave unannounced. At least she's getting the point that you don't care. It will be interesting to see how disengagement effects this attention queen.

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Oh, if she isn't acknowledged in the first 5 minutes of entering the room, she either plops herself on the couch next to DH in a huff or stomps back off to her room. Either way, her response is always a production as if to say "how dare you not notice me!" Me ignoring her doesn't change it much, outside of maybe the production being more dramatic!

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DH tried to tell SheSloth recently to just ask me. I sent her right back to him!!! I told her, "I can't say if you can or cannot do something! LEGALLY it is not my place...only your mother and father can tell you if it's okay!" I then went back to DH and told him that it was not my place to say what she can and cannot do...that he is the parent...he is the legal guardian...and I'm not going to have anything stupid SheSloth may do come back on me! He is just going to have to deal with her phone calls and texts!

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do i even want to konw what shes doing without pads?

also, how come all these girls use pads? do tampons not exist anymore? or is our overprotective helicopter parent society now uber freaked out about TSS?

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Here, we have to make SheSloth use pads, because she is too lazy to put tampons in the trash. With the septic, we cannot flush lady products down the toilet.

Even at that, SheSloth only asks for lady products maybe once every 6 months. How does she go so long? By her own admittance, she isn't regular. But we all know this is because of the eating and malnutrition issues. Just hoping that the same issue is preventing her from getting pregnant, as well...since DH has his head so far in the sand about the eating disorders AND birth control!