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i am so mean

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so SD13 puts on her STRING BIKINI this weekend. i completely disapprove of her being so scantily clad at her age. fiance doesnt seem to think its a problem at all that his daughter looks slutty, and seems to think he has no ability what so ever to control what she wears around us.

the one thing i did notice is that she is starting to get FAT! i wouldnt call her a fat kid, but compared to her friend who had a super flat stomach, SD is getting a pooch and has zero definition.

guess all the cookies and cheetos that BM is feeding her in lieu of meals is starting to take their toll!!!!! i am so mean in that id love to see her pork out and look gross.

or she's in her first trimester. :sick:

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haha, pole dancer. even that would be too much work!

this is the girl who quit field hockey because she had to run too much at practice. she plays lacrosse but she just stands there waiting for the ball to come to her so she doesnt have to run. sad thing is she thinks she's varsity material!

the 18 year old lifeguard was certainly entertained.....

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Because they don't have any control! They never put their foot down, and now that these princesses are in their teens, they basically laugh off that dad is now trying to tell them what they can and cannot do! Add to that that even though dad is voicing his disapproval, there still isn't any action being taken! I mean, you can't tell me that DH hasn't noticed the lacy thongs on SD15's bedroom floor...I swear it is like she is leaving them out to flaunt it! She doens't try to hide it! She KNOWS DH doesn't approve of her wearing a bikini...but what is going to do about it? She gets this crap from BM (who has always tried to make SD15 look as sexually appealing as possible...every summer of her whole life it is has been short-shorts, bikinis, mini-skirts, etc.). BM calls it making her feel pretty! REALLY?

They need to step back and put themselves in a pedo's would some sick minded person view my child if they left the house like that...and put your foot down!

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Don't get me started on the bikinis!

SD15 was at BM's on Saturday, and posted pictures to her social media that are basically of her boobs in a bikini at the pool. She tried to say she just posted the picture of the group of people (cousins, etc.) that were behind her in the pool and was doing it in an "artistic" way to include herself in the pick. There are better ways of doing it than making your boobs barely covered in a brightly colored bikini top as a focal point!

Yesterday, we were at my nephew's pool party. SD15 spent like 5 minutes in the pool, before her, her cousin, and her cousin's friend decided it would be a good idea to lay out. Again, SD15 had busted out in a bikini! When SD15 left the house, she was in shorts and a shirt, so you couldn't see what was under it...she walked down to the pool with my SIL and the other girls...we followed a few minutes later. SD15 was in the pool when we got there, so DH and I didn't see the suit until she got out of the pool...and it wasn't the suit we bought her for our house (which is a very cute, but tasteful, still covers the mid-section). DH was like...oh no! She called SD15 over and told her to either get back in the pool or cover up!! She copped the biggest attitude and ran into the ladies' room with her cousin and her cousin's friend. When she finally came out, DH told her we were leaving, and in the car on the way home, she got an earful! Unfortunately, and earful is all she got!

But I, too, noticed that SD15 was carrying a bit of pudge. Now, SD15 doesn't pig out all the time...she goes through periods of starvation, then binge/purge. She is also on her back side all the time...I swear the girl cannot sit! How she gets through a school day amazes me, because I never see her sit! Even in the car, she tries to lay down. In church, she is nearly laying down. Her biggest problem is that she doesn't see soda and candy as having any caloric value...she will down that stuff and not purge...pure sugar calories...but then she will not eat anything else the rest of the day! When she does eat, it is nothing healthy...ramen, sugary cereal, fried food...can't remember the last time I saw her eat a fruit or veggie! Just fat and sugar! She can sit and eat a whole pizza, and then will disappear to purge it...but she doesn't realize that the body absorbed the calories from the start of her meal before she gets it out of her system! A large pizza is some 3000 calories, and absorbing even half of that for one meal before purging, when your metabolism is so screwed up because you don't eat right...yeah, no wonder! She has been in starvation mode since the breakup. DH TOLD her to eat dinner last night, and her response was to say she had to go to the bathroom, and then she disappeared in her room without a word.

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Do we have the same SD??

BM bragged on FB: "YES, I'm feeding my family greasy convenient store pizza for dinner, so what?"

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"As far as big bellies...I think it most be something with all kids these days."

I think so, too. I've never seen so many muffin-tops other than walking into a high school function! And so many are sooooo lazy! They don't realize they are not doing themselves any favors! And none of them seem to dress right for their body type! "Apple" shapes in skinny jeans...really? Yeah, muffin top and toothpick looking legs! That is how SD15 is built. I've bought her some boot cut jeans that really look attractive on her. Correct size, balances her legs out a toothpicks. Will she wear them? Nope! They aren't tight enough! She likes to wear leggings as pants, or super skinny jeans. They do not work well with her proportion! Big on top, pooch in middle, tiny legs.

And when she was wearing her bikini yesterday, I noticed she has back fat! At 15? When she was walking around out of the pool, she was doing her best to suck her stomach in as far as she could tell she was...but she couldn't hold it in like that and talk.

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SD15 is a size 6-8, when she wears clothing that properly fits her. Otherwise, she stuffs herself into a 2-4. I think the eating disorders are really starting to take it's toll, and aren't going to get any better if her body keeps going the route it is. She doesn't get that a pound of muscle takes up less space than a pound of fat, and her constant starving/binge cycles are actually causing her to lose muscle...and the amount of sugar she consumes is actually causing her to gain fat...hence the back fat. When you consume a lot of sugar in one sitting (like she does when she binges), you body doesn't actually use those calories! It goes into a mode to try to protect the brain from blood sugar getting to high, and it puts the body into instant storage mode to stop the sugar from being in the bloodstream. And when your metabolism is screwed up due to periods of starvation...that is how someone gains weight while hardly eating anything.

Leggings as pants aren't allowed here either. However, she has to wear them in guard practice (since there is dance involved). She takes clothing that she is supposed to change into after guard practice, but she doesn't do it. Too lazy? Who knows. So all day she walks around in leggings that show what underwear she is wearing if she bends over with shirts that only come to her waist.

Good for you on the 5k! I'm in great shape, but I probably could still only walk one. Walking long distances I can do...running, no! I don't have the makeup for it! You have those who have muscle fibers built for endurance, and those built for explosion. I can sprint, I can lift crazy heavy weight for someone my size, but try to run for an extended time? My muscles fatigue quickly! Now, maybe if I did it as a series of

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im just shocked that her father doesnt care. even when i pointed out the lifeguard ogling them his response was "i cant do anything about it!". really? i told him he should tell her tankini or one piece or she cant swim at our pool. he seems to think he has no authority in this area.

i actually asked SD and her friend "do your mothers know you dress like this"? and they said yes. and i said "youd hate being my daughter, because i would never allow you to wear them".

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again, we are dealing with BM's who have lived there whole lives off of men. they are sadly training their daughters to do the same thing - find a man and take care of you. being pretty or attractive is more important than being smart or successful.

it all starts with the stupid princess crap as babies. fiance and BM used to dress SD up as a princess as a baby/toddler and completely infused her with disney crap (princess parties, princesses on cards, wrapping paper, images everywhere). her grandmother calls her "princess SD". its disgusting. its 2014! women can be smart and independent, and dammit, they should be!

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"it all starts with the stupid princess crap as babies. fiance and BM used to dress SD up as a princess as a baby/toddler and completely infused her with disney crap (princess parties, princesses on cards, wrapping paper, images everywhere). her grandmother calls her "princess SD". its disgusting. its 2014! women can be smart and independent, and dammit, they should be!"

OMG!!!! YES!!! Very similar thing!!! When SD15 was very little, she was some kind of princess every stinking Halloween, and she practically lived in that costume the rest of the year until she started going to school and had to wear real clothing! Every b-day party was Disney princesses, Disney princess sheets and blankets, Disney princess dolls...princess, princess, princess!!! UGH! I wanted to puke!!!

BD23 was the biggest tom-boy when she was little...I never got her into the princess/barbie thing! One of her favorite toys when she was 3 was this plastic ball and bat we got her...and the kid could hit!! Only problem is, she would always hit the ball straight for your head...LOL. She also loved playing with cars. She did have a couple of barbies, but mostly she liked action figures, especially Power Rangers! When BS19 got old enough for them to play together, they actually did play pretty well. Yeah, there were the fights, but they were still nearly inseparable. And I would have to buy them similar things...if I got BS19 the red power ranger toy, I had to get BD23 the blue one. If I got cars for one, I had to get cars for the other. Of course, they all ended up in the same boxes of toys....they had this plastic bin that they put all their cars and action figures in, and would drag it back and forth between their rooms depending which one they were playing in. BD23 grew up into a very independent woman!! She works two jobs, doesn't depending on anyone...hates asking anyone for help! Her back basically needs to be up against a wall before she will ask for help!

SD15? I fear she will be living at home way past graduation (if she graduates). She expects everyone to do for her!

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SDthen13 had a couple of baby ho pieces of clothing.....white short-shorts, a couple of bikini tops.....they mysteriously disappeared one day, never to return. To this day neither she nor SO know what happened to the clothes. SD's bedroom is a complete mess so everyone just assumed they were lost. }:)