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Gotta love drama queens...not

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SheSloth has been going on and on and on all week about how STRESSED she is over mid-terms this week! Because they changed the rules this year about exempting out of mid-term and final exams, SheSloth MUST take ALL of her mid-terms. She has too many tardies. She has been in super drama mode all week. Seriously, if she is like this over some sophomore year high school exams, girl shouldn't even think about going to college!

Oh, and she has been too stressed to eat! "I'm just not hungry!" and DH is doing nothing!

Again, I really hope DH has plans for the girl next week. I will not be her taxi as she wants to go here and there, and I will not tolerate her laying on the couch in front of the TV all day! On the days I have off, I'm locking the remote in my room, and seeing that I'm out of the house by 8 a.m. If she calls me and asks if I can come home and take her ________, "Nope!"

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Did they change the rules, or do certain rules apply because of her tardies?

Don't answer when she calls. Let it go to voicemail and get back to her several HOURS later. >^..^<

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They changed the rules this year. She has always had a tardy problem. Last year, the rules were more lax, and she was able to exempt about 3 exams each semester, so she quickly picked the classes she didn't like. This year, they were more strict with tardies...more than 8 tardies in the semester, and you could not exempt any exams, regardless of your existing semester grade taking only the 3 period grades into account. They also upped the minimum grade you had to have in order to exempt from 75 to 80. So, combination of tardies and grades under 80? Yeah, she was stuck taking all of her exams!

And I full on plan on ignoring her the next couple of weeks! If she wants to go to her cousin's? Guess her and DH need to work it out the night before, and she can get up with him in the morning so he can take her on his way in to work!

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I know, right? "But these classes are just so hard!" Seriously? BD23 took the exact same classes...down to ASL...and she had a disability that affected her ability to learn! She passed the classes AND the exams. She didn't walk around this house like the world was ending. Deal with it! I seriously would tell her that, but SheSloth has made it perfectly clear to everyone that she doesn't want to be compared to ANYONE else! Yeah, I got yelled at for that last year when DH was getting after her for not eating the lettuce and tomato on her burger, and she claimed that she was a kid, and kids don't like vegetables...and I pointed out that I've know plenty of kids who liked vegetables, so her logic was off. She was 14 at the time of making this claim of being a kid...but yet, expected to be treated like an adult already!

Out of curiosity, I pulled up her grades right now as they stand. Her chemistry exam already posted...and she failed it. She did get just enough to pass for the semester, but her 3 period grades show a steady decline since the beginning of the year. She also shows a major dive in her history period grade between this and last...I'm sure she is freaking out about that exam, too. And there is always English, which she has been barely passing somehow, but a bad exam grade could cause her to lose the semester credit, and have to retake it next year. I'm not finding money for summer school!

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I am the evil SM now, for sure!!

Tonight is a date night...which means unfortunately, SheSloth is home by herself (BS20 is with a friend tonight). DH started telling her she could watch TV, but she had to be in bed by 10 p.m., etc. I just had to...really I did!! I piped in that SheSloth didn't need to be watching TV...she still had mid-terms to take tomorrow, and seeing as she failed her chemistry mid-term and she is "so stressed" about these things, she needs to take the time tonight to study. DH asks her what mid-terms she has tomorrow, and she says she has world history...which I point out is a class she is BARELY passing! Oh well...scratch what DH originally told her!! He then tells her, " need to spend this evening studying for that exam!"

Yeah...I'm evil, evil, evil...and I love it! And I will make sure DH doesn't by the little brat anything at the concert tonight like he did last year!

It was funny when DH was asking her about chemistry...she so lied to him! "Well, I haven't been understanding it!" BS! Not understanding it means low grades. Girl has 0's! That is not doing your work. I pointed out to DH on the side that maybe she would understand stuff better if she actually spent time at home doing her homework and studying, instead of making talking with friends on the phone/computer and sleeping from the moment she walks in the house priorities!

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I know others would ask why I should care, but seriously...girl has 2 1/2 more years to finish high school! I only care because I want her out...not sitting around here trying to do a 5th year of high school, or worse...nothing, because she doesn't have a diploma and can't get a job! She is out of here June 2017, or I am!

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i hear ya. on some level I do care about SD14. but mostly im just sad and disgusted that so much potential and opportunity is wasted and that it is all condoned by BM. i mean there are parts of this world where girls arent even allowed to go to school and learn. these kids just dont appreciate how good they have it.

my SD thinks that other nations and cultures live like what you see at Epcot when you tour the world. Amazing that many parents think that's an educational place to take your kids in lieu of actually GOING there. and dont tell me its too expensive to travel to other countries, Disney is a freakin' rip off. if you can afford that commercial cesspool you can afford more meaningful trips.

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Too many kids take a whole lot for granted these days! Maybe I was a strange kid...or maybe it was because I was a first generation born American in my family...but I valued my education. I soaked up knowledge like a sponge! I still like to learn new things. But, like I said, I am a first generation born American in my family. I've heard my grandmother talk about not getting an education past the age of 13. Being a girl, and her family living on a farm, at that age, she was required to stay home and help her mom with the younger kids and various other chores. The older boys got to continue on with their education, but not the girls. The girls just got enough education to read and write...basically. My mom was always so overly hard on me when it came to school...if I didn't make an A, I was slacking! She didn't care that I was in accelerated or honors classes, and that my B may have meant more than an A in any regular class. She didn't get that in my classes, you actually could get points knocked off if your opinion didn't match your teachers (yes, I know it isn't is an opinion...the biggest trouble I got in was because I got an B- on a paper because my teacher and I couldn't come to an agreement over the underlying theme of Lord of the Flies...I fought that it was man vs. self...she argued it was man vs. man...though both could feasibly be themes of the book). Looking back, I think the reason my mom was so hard on me was because grandma was so hard on her! My mom was afforded something grandma never had the opportunity to have...beyond an 8th grade education!

Here in a country where everything is handed over to them...and everything, it seems, is instant gratification...these kids don't value what is laid before them! BS20 didn't really get it until he got accepted to college, and my ex's family (who I stayed in touch with for BS20's sake even if my ex didn't want to be a parent) fussed over him about how proud they were of him...that he was the FIRST in their family to ever go to college, etc. Before that, it was just school...but now he looks at it as an opportunity, which sheds a whole different light on everything!

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Failing World History is just plain lazy. If she was doing any work at all she would be passing history.

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Exactly!! Any class that doesn't require any actually thought processes, but is basically memorizing facts and putting them on paper, should be easy to pass! I mean, I can get that some people don't do well with anything that requires a mathematical formula, having trouble with spelling, or reading a book and being able to pull more out of it than just the story itself laid out in front of them (i.e., what is the underlying theme, etc.). A person's brain works a certain have creatives and logics...this is proven science. People on the more creative side will have no issue with determining the underlying theme of a novel, but they may have a harder time with complicated math formulas. People who are more logical thinkers excel when handed a tough mathematical calculation, but may stink at spelling (because, face it...spelling in the English language can be far from logical at times).

But when it is memorizing facts and retaining general information about something? Seriously? That is simply not trying!

If you notice, it is also these classes that require a higher level of thinking that in school offer different may have an honors English or an honors math class. I graduated with honors in high school...and trust me...there was not an honors world history or honors US history class. The material didn't change based on your IQ or some other factor. Math, English, and certain sciences, sure! Not history! History is history! Memorize the facts, and go on!

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Curiosity is getting the best of me, so I checked in on SheSloth's grades this morning. World History grade is already posted for her exam...girl barely passed, and I mean barely passed! 70%...if she missed just one more, she would have failed the exam.

Remember at the beginning of the grading period, when SheSloth was staying after school to work on her school work and help some other girl with winter guard stuff? When DH claimed "she is trying"? When I was saying there that I was sure the real reason she was staying after was to hang out (make out) with her "not-boyfriend"? Yeah...the 6-weeks period grades are already in...lower than last period, which was lower than the period before that! Better buy some popcorn at the store to have handy when the report card comes in the mail next week, and DH sees that those classes she had A's and B's in for the first grade period, she now has barely passed for the semester! I'm seeing why she was so worried about having to take these exams...because she hasn't been paying enough attention in class or to her homework, and she knows it!

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LOL...and the grades are pouring in! Failed geometry exam, barely passed English exam, grading period, and semester! She got a C in ASL...yeah, the girl that is always signing for no reason at all looking like a spaz barely passed ASL! Okay...supposedly signing. I know a little sign language, and when she is siting there and looks like she is finger-spelling away, it is gibberish!

Yup...definitely need popcorn for when that report card comes in! The ONLY grade that didn't drop is for band/guard! How? My guess is that the director just gives blanket 100's. Let her try the "I just don't get it" excuse on DH with 5 very different classes!

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I know, right? DH will never make her quit. He claims that it is something that she loves, and he doesn't want to take that away from her. **barf**

Yesterday, DH was trying to lay it on me that WE need to try to do more fun things with SheSloth. He also tried to say that I needed to start telling her things directly instead of basically telling him to "tell your daughter". I pointed out again that I'm done telling her...she doesn't want to hear anything I have to say. He tries to lay it on me, "She thinks you are always mad at her. She wants your advice." etc. I asked him if he ever considered that she just tells him things like that to get him to feel bad for her or because she knows it is what he wants to hear? I told him, "You don't see how she interacts with me when you are not around! I tell her ANYTHING, and it is huffs, eye rolls, acting like she could care less if I'm even around! Don't be fooled!" Do fun things with her? Maybe when she starts deserving know, like treating people in this house with respect and doing what she knows she is supposed to be doing! How many times does she tell DH she doesn't have homework, and then posts another 0 in the gradebook? Or fails a test? Fun stuff? She needs to spend time studying!

SheSloth is suppose to already be out of guard! DH threatened her that if she didn't start eating breakfast...basically eating period...that she would have to quit. I pointed out to DH a couple of days ago that the bread hasn't been touched all what was she eating for breakfast? He asked her, and she said dry cereal...but, the cereal box is nearly full, so if she is eating cereal, it is a very small handful each day! Last I checked, that didn't count as breakfast! And this isn't the first time she's been caught not eating since the threat was made...but like everything else, it was an idle threat!