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Got to the point I cant stand him

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I feel awful writing this but feel like I need to vent somehwere. 

My SS has just turned 16, he's always been hard work, but i feel like i've had enough now. Hes not allowed in school anymore and is only allowed home learning (which isnt going to happen) then he can attend for his exams in May. He steals, lies, smokes weed and my hallway upstairs stinks because of his clothes and him! I have a son who's 11 and 2 other step children who are younger, so hate this smell being around. 

He lies about everything and is very clever and sneaky. He knows i dont like him anymore but ive always tried as i dont want anyone to ever feel this way, especially at this age. But ive got to the point Im now sat in my bedroom because hes on the console in the living room and i dont want to be in there. Hes not supposed to come here when his dad isnt here, but yet again today came home 2 hours before him and just struts around the house like he owns the place. 


Im not sure how much longer I can go on like this. Dad threatens he wont be living here by next year if he carries on, but i dont believe him. 

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So things are worse than they were when you posted 1.5 years ago. Why are you still there?? Surely you and you 11yo son deserve better. 

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Your FIRST responsibility is the safety of your bio child, oh and let's not forget your personal safety.

This boy is NOT your problem. You didn't breed him. I read your other post where you said you mentioned to your partner about moving out and getting your own place. You should have done that. 

It's not too late. Do it.

If you are scared of losing your partner, don't be. If he's committed to your relationship he will step up, put some boundaries in place re his son, and ensure YOUR happiness, safety and well-being.

If he does not do the above, well that shows he's weak, lazy and just doesn't care enough about YOU.

Honestly I can't imagine having to sit in my bedroom in my own home, while monster SS monopolises the living area.

It's so wrong...

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It ended in a big row last night as he wanted to go for a run and leave me with him, it was only 40 minutes but I've made it clear how I feel, I've put up with enough over the last 5 years, my boundaries are clear now, 

so I got called pathetic and a piss taker!! Charming!! 

he said I'm being unreasonable saying for the week block we have him he can't "pop out" anywhere? Am I? 

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Nope! They can "pop" out together. Not your kid not your responsibility.

eta: just read your previous post. What are you still doing there?! Your poor child.

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You are NOT being unreasonable!

It's your husband that's the unreasonable one. If he wants to go out, he can take his kid with him!

He doesn't sound like a very nice man at all.

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Look into it.  I have a friend who did it with his daughter at about that age.  When they refuse to abide  by the family rules, are disruptive, etc... they can be made legally their own responsibilty.

Initiate the process.  Smacking that kid in the face with a court action to get him launched, may just get his attention.

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First thing I'd be doing is removing him from YOUR living room, when he's out remove all

his belongings from the living room and tell him that it is not his living room and he is to play his games I. His bedroom. Sitting in your bedroom? No no no!!! You must not be doing that. 

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Also if your husband doesn't like it then tell him he can go and sit in the bedroom or joint his son. So much disrespect going on here