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Going to have to make up more than she thinks!

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HHB told DH on Saturday that she needs to make up some of her core classes for the 4th and 5th grading periods on the computer. She claimed that the old school sent over the unchanged grades to her new school, even though she turned in all the work the teachers told her to. Of course, she is blaming the teachers...they didn't grade her work, lost her work, whatever. But here is the big problem (again, DH only listens to the words coming out of HHB's mouth, and misses the holes in her story)...she changed schools shortly after the end of the 4th grading period! She has been in her new school MOST of 5th grading period that just ended! Soooooooo...if she also has to make up the 5th grading period, that means she hasn't been doing her work since moving to the new school, either. Surprise, surprise...we already knew this!

And that is not her only problem. Remember, the law in our state requires that a student attend at least 90% of the days of a semester to get credit for it. That means that she could only miss 9 days of the semester! Well, we already know that she missed the first 7 days of the semester because BM supposedly couldn't find the paperwork to get her registered in school...yes, that counts. I know of at least one other day that she missed...the day they had to go to she posted it all over social media. Then, she doesn't go to school yesterday! Yeah, imagine that...the girl doesn't go to school on 4/20, and posts "happy 420 day" all over her social media (for those who may not know, 420 is the code for pot). Yup...I'm certain that the girl is still smokin'!!! So, she already has 9 days this semester missed that we know of...which puts her borderline...but I wouldn't be surprised if she missed more days than that! I would not be surprised if she is now told she cannot make up those grading periods on the computer because she cannot get credit for the semester due to too many missed days. Could get interesting!

Oh, and that explains why BM was asking for more money. When you have to make up grades on the computer, that costs something like $50 per class per grading period! The way I see it, not DH's problem! When the girl left our house, she had all of her credits...barely had all of her credits, but had them all to say the least! Grades took a total nose dive after HHB moved to BM's! I mean, come on...a 28% in Chemistry for the semester so far? She at least got in the low 70's while at our house!

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Oh...and there are posts on social media from emo that seem to implicate that she is getting frustrated with HHB! "Tired of always being second!" Sorry, honey...but as long as you are dating HHB, you will ALWAYS be second, because she thinks of herself first and foremost in everything. "Why do I have pictures on my instagram and FB of, but she doesn't have any on hers?" Love emo's mom's response to try to sooth her on this one..."She doesn't have pictures of anyone, so I wouldn't worry." Yeah, doesn't have pictures of anyone but herself!!! Please refer to response to concern #1...LOL. No, I didn't respond...only in my head. I find it hilariously funny! HHB is just using this girl, which is sad...but come on emo...WAKE UP!

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Actually, it will become our problem if HHB doesn't graduate on time! DH's court order says he has to pay child support as long as HHB is in high school...which means if she is there until the state max age of 21, that is how long he has to pay! Considering I'm already covering his arse on his bills and expenses, I would prefer he not get extra child support added on...especially as that will mean more time that BM can cry every month that she needs more and make threats. Though I've seriously doubted she would actually take it to court because she hasn't already, there is always a first time for everything, and I would prefer that not happen. The shorter the clock, the less chance. I'm supposed to start paying on BS20's college loans shortly after HHB is supposed to graduate...I prefer to have all my hard earned money at my disposal, and not have to cover part of DH's part of the bills because of child support!

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No judge in this state will make BM pay child support, because she has been unemployed since HHB's birth! She was able to work then, and then chose not to. Now, she will claim disabling depression and such...since her sister died she has been in this downward spiral. Went from a size 2 to a men's XXL, now has colon issues that doctors have linked to her morbid obesity and her eating nothing but junk food. She will go in there crying too disabled to work, and the judge will buy it...hook, line, and sinker! This state is already soft on BMs. The way the stupid judges do things around here, DH could be ordered to pay BM back support for the time that HHB lived with us! Yes, that can happen...there are several cases out there where the CP has to pay the NCP child support if they make significantly more money...just so that the NCP can have a room for the child in their home, and feed them during visits! It's stupid, but it's real!

Once that girl is out of high school, DH is done with BM...never has to deal with her...can change his number, ignore her calls, and not have to worry about BM trying to get him into any kind of trouble! Thankfully, their court order does not address college, IF by some magical miracle HHB actually gets into one! At the rate she is going, that isn't happening. As it is, universities are not accepting credit by computer! So if she does make up those credits, that is fine for getting her diploma, but she will not be able to go to any university until she can complete so many hours at community college. That happened to one of BS20's friends...he goofed off early on in high school, and made up the credits in summer school...which was by computer. When he went to apply for colleges, he was told he didn't have enough high school credits to be admitted. When they argued that he did, otherwise, he would not be graduating, that is when they told them that they didn't accept the computer credits. So, the guy had to go to community college for a year, and then transfer to a university. I don't see HHB ever pulling that off, as college teachers don't care if you do your work...they will not get on you or remind you! You don't show up for class or don't turn anything in, they will drop you. You get dropped, you lose any financial aid you may have. You don't pay, the school drops you. I could see that happening if HHB even attempts college of any kind.

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In florida, if they fail child support still ends at 18. If they pass it can continue to 19 if they are sitll in school but if they fail its cut off at 18. That's to encourage the BM's to make their kids to homework and go to school