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did not sign up for fulltime parent status

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i just recently moved in with my partner and the teenager was only two weekends a month plus tuesdays, i was always ok with this now he wants to live with us and my partner is thrilled, however i am not so excited. i did not sign up for this responsibilty and now i feel like a horrible person. the kid is basically a great kid however issues r starting to appear. just yesterday he waS FOUND TO BE popping pills, perscription drugs he is 14. am i an awful person for not wanting him to live with us?

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I feel the same way...don't know if I could handle it if SS ever came back here to live. Sometimes I think it wouldn't be so bad, other I don't think I could handle a teenager or preteen...I'm not old enough to be ready to parent a child his age! Plus when he's not your own, wow. Sucky situation!

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its difficult to think when we sign up for stepparent status, even if its infrequent, that at any time it could chage from EOW only to full time...and thats a hard adjustment for anyone. and thats just what it is--an adjustment. did u talk to ur partner and explain how u feel? its not awful at all...i live w my SS and we have SD eow and its hard! often i (and my hubby too) wish it could be just us. just talk thing sthru and if it does happen, give it a chance bc it might not be as bad as u fear.

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But it sounds like you moved into her house? If so, good luck there-and you can't blame her for wanting her son with her. If it's your place she moved into, you probably have a little more power.

My DH (thanks 5 teens)basically ordered me to have SD13 live here with me, 2 weeks after we married. He had plenty of opportunity to express that that's what he wanted before we married-yet not a word was spoken. In my situation, as he works away from home is is here for 4 days once every 10 days, it would have meant me raising his D alone-in my home. I refused. We nearly split over it.

Now, if he worked here, and lived at home daily, it would have been a different scenerio. Then he would be home on evenings to raise his D himself. But I raised my own sons-he had the option of doing the same with his d's.

If you're absolutely certain this won't work, that you'll be miserable with a fulltime skid around, now is the time to move out & move on.

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when I was dating FH his kids lived a few hours away and that is one of the reasons I stayed with dating him, but then lo and behold EX decides to move near our town, I was like OH NO WAY ..I enjoyed our kid free weekends..days.. I was really close to ending it, but FH understood my apprehension and made sure that I understood that they would follow the DD to the letter and kids would not be over he works a lot of hours and I was not a baby sitter.
fast forward 3 yrs it has been ok we have had our issues but FH loves me and vice versa and we make it work.
good luck- I still have issues when his kids come over though.
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DH's EW decided once we were engaged that her life would blow apart and she dropped their then 14 year old son on our doorstep-(we had 50/50 which is what I signed up for)SS really had nowhere else to go (DH and I were engaged then)-soooo I had to do some real soul searching-as a single mom myself, who has raised two boys (they left home for 5 minutes (exaggerating but that is how it felt) before I got a replacement! ha!

Long story short -I had two young men myself and said what the heck-I did not realize the months of resentment while I adjusted to having a teenager around again and we nearly broke up a few times as his lack of parenting and my parenting style were polar opposites-I learned about disengaging and that is how I survive it.

I knew in the back of my mind that this guy had a teenager and IF SS's mother died-we would have had to raise him (or put him in foster care-NOT an option for his Dad or me for that matter)-soooo I had to suck the situation up and be as positive as possible-

In the meantime-I have this site to vent-some good books-great friends-and a DH that needs a frying pan to the head once in awhile-

Welcome! Looks like you have some deep thinking to do!

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