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Cannot stand to even look at my stepson

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My 16yr old stepson treats my wife like crap, she will ask him to do something like pick up his clothes and he will not do it until he damn well feels like it. He swears at her, gets high all the time but is an athlete? I have confronted him about talking to his mom like that and he physically assualted me. Now I cannot stand to be in the same room with him.

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Assault is the threat to do bodily harm with the ability to carry it out. Did he assult you or batter? Batter being the physical striking.

Either way you can file a police report. If he battered you then I would have called the police on the spot. Tell the police you wish them to send someone to talk to the boy. Preferably at school.

He may be an athlete but he's a user and this is the underlying problem. My first step would be to prove that to his mother and hope she's mother enough to get the help this boy needs.

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I have to say if you LET him assualt you he will continue to assualt you.

Call the police, and send him to juvi.