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Beggers can't be choosy!

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SheSloth needed a new pair of sneakers. Okay, that is all periodically need new shoes. DH has a JCPenny card and was heading there for some new jeans anyway (his 5+ year old Levi's are finally stating to wear holes). So, we go over to the shoes, and of course SheSloth does not like hardly anything she sees. She wants to go to Journeys and Vans to find shoes. Granted, either of these choices would require payment from the bank account, which what is left in there is extra from my check. I have to give DH props...he told her she had to pick from the shoes at JCP, or live with the ones that are falling apart!

So, then the battle starts over size. SheSloth insists that her feet are a size 6, when it was determined some time ago when she got her feet measured correctly that she is a 7! She starts to argue with DH about this, stuffing her feet into the 6's...toes right up on the end of the shoe...even a bit curled (DH felt her toes in the shoes). Now, it is no surprise that SheSloth always quickly wears the toes of her shoes...hole and separation of sole from the fabric at the toe from being pulled too tight. DH finally wins the size battle, and the look at what is available in a 7.

Here is battle 2....SheSloth wants white cloth sneakers! Yeah, we all have been there. DH tells her that she needs to pick a gray or black, because he is not buying shoes again in three months because she is complaining her white shoes are stained with mud or something (we are going into our rainy season). She argues that she wants KEDS...DH says he isn't going to spend that much money on something that will fall apart in no time! SheSloth about has a fit, but finds some other sneakers she likes. Ugh...they don't have them in her size. The only option left are Converse...which she likes Vans, so what is the big deal, right? She doesn't really feel like getting a pair of Cons...even though the sweatshirt she wears every stinkin' day is a Converse sweatshirt! DH finally tells her that is what she is getting...he is done! He can get them on his card, and they will last long longer than her other choices (that reinforced toe). He told her to get to picking a color and deciding if she wanted high top or low top! The face walking out of the store with her shoes was priceless, as she was stuck with a pair of gray low top Cons! Just to add insult to injury, I picked up a pair of all black high top Chucks...I've always like Cons. That whole punk rock/goth look you know.

Oh...and the Halloween costume is decided! DH got her a shirt that says "this is my costume"! Bwahahaha! Yup, that's what she gets to wear for Halloween!

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Oh, and why do these girls have to shove themselves into things that are too small? I mean, it's shoes!!! One would think foot comfort would be important! I can't imagine stuffing my feet into too small shoes just to claim a smaller size! Numbers are so much more important to these girls than proper fit...even shoes! I think it's stupid!

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Buy her the cheap white Keds from Walmart. When they get dirty, buy her white shoe polish to use on the fabric. That's what we had to do on Poms lol to keep our shoes looking bright.

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I'm a size 8 shoe, but it isn't a big deal to me like it seems to be for SheSloth. I'm just happy my feet "shrunk"! When I was overweight, I had to wear 10's and have all kinds of extra room in the toe because of the fat on my feet! BD23 is the same foot size I am...BS19 is a 12. Big is feet...something we don't have control over!

MIL and SIL wear 6's, so that is probably who SheSloth is trying to compare her feet to. BM has longer feet, and so does SheSloth is fortunate that her feet are the size they are! She just seems to have this total disillusionment about her size! Her clothing...she thinks she is smaller than she is! We also got jackets yesterday. Old Navy had their fleece jackets for $15. I told DH he needed to get SheSloth one so she would stop wearing that stupid sweatshirt as a jacket! She tries to convince DH she needed a small (at Old Navy, I tend to wear an extra small on top, and my chest size is way smaller than hers). She puts the small on and can't zip it all the way because "the girls" get in the way. The part she can zip is skin tight on her...the fleece is stretching. DH hands her a large, and she argues that the small fits fine! DH makes her put on the large! Oh, look, it fits the way it is supposed to! Yup, she got stuck with the large!