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Is this because Christmas is coming?

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So the very few, very brief interactions ive had with SD14 lately she is kissing my ass via agreeing with me on everything.

if her dad says he's cold and i say im hot, she chimes right in and says "yeah dad im sweating!" If i say i dont like banana, she doesnt like it either. If i mention something odd/weird that i like, she likes it too! There have been other instances where she's agreed with me/sided with me against her dad.

Is this because she's sucking up? Or is my disengagemetn working? Or some other lunacy?

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its weird! all i want is for her to be normal, and show manners and respect.

but then again, she's been programmed that being popular is all that matters in life.

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She wants to be you, but it can become quite annoying, when someone is agreeable all of the time. SD13 did that a lot a year ago and I finally told her to knock it off, lol.

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Does she normally give you the time of day?

If not, then:

Jingle Bells
Something smells. . .

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Make a game out of it and enjoy yourself. See just how much she's willing to agree to. You have to enjoy the peacful moments when you get them because they are so few and far between.

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Only time will tell, I guess, but based on her history, not only with you but with her dad, my gut says ulterior motive.

It would be nice if she's decided to turn over a new leaf and/or mature a little.

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I'd totally screw with her.

"I'm not eating chocolate any more, it's unhealthy and I'm done with it!"

"I'm not wearing makeup any more because it causes wrinkles!"

"I'm going to start running because it's so much fun!"

"I love cleaning!"

Blum 3

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haha, here's another one.

we talked about thanksgiving, which is consisting of everyone bringing something to my FIL's.

i told SD i was making the stuffing and the squash. she then says "oh, please make your mashed potatoes too because they are so good!"


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Don't trust her as far as you can throw her. The moon will change, the planets will align and the wind will shift.....and she we be back to her usual skid self lol.

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Maybe not a manipulation and maybe no alterior motives. :? Go with it. Nothing ventured nothing gained. If it turns out to be a manipulation you can retract on engaging.

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i have no intention of screwing with her or game playing as that isnt my style. in fact, i am pretty much the only one in her life who speaks the truth and tells it to her like it is. she knows ive never lied to her.

im planning on rolling with it.... just trying to figure out what's in her head although i know i should have stopped that along time ago!

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despite being willing to roll with it, i am going to be very guarded in my approach. i refuse to be burned twice.