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according to my SD, our schools do stink!

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Ironically, the breakfast conversation on Saturday morning consisted of discussing the stinky schools.

SD14 was saying how she wished the school had AC. I actually thought they did, but in reality its only the offices and 2 classrooms for summer school.

She said that "tons" of kids dont wear deoderant and that when the warm weather arrives the school gets smelly.

Considering she doesnt shower daily im still shocked she never smells, save her feet. But she does use deoderant - that's one of the only few things she keeps at our house.

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I do have to say, SheSloth is not in that school...can't be. Her school's A/C is always least whenever I've been in the building. LOL Not saying the kid doesn't stink...her breath is awful, and don't catch wind of her feet!