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I got three step daughters full time and there mom my wife works five days a week from 6/7. The children's dad was suppose to take them I'm the beginning of our marriage and 6 months in he decides that a four bedroom house a car and support were not enough. To make a long story short I am now the full time parent when the bio parents are at work and I don't like it at all. I want them to go live with their dad and don't know how to say it. Love my wife but I never wanted to do this.

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I am in a similar situation and I work from home. But my partner and I agreed when she graduated that she would find a part time job. It's not right that you have to do this 5 days in the week. I would not stand for it and my SO knows this.

She is going to have to compromise and cut down to part time.

Regardless of how unfair it is to you, the kids need to see their mum more than this. That's one of the things my SO and I agreed on. I would tell her that only seeing her kids for, what, an hour for five nights in the week, is going to cause problems in later years. Kids need their mum. If she wants to be a good mum then she will make time for them!

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Why is wife working so many hours? Is that really necessary? I think I would cut down on everything financially, so she would not work so much.

Also, how old are the kids?