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I just realized that FH did not mean _ucking Husband...
It's Future Husband...

Makes alot of posts I was reading make better sense now...

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I'm sure they are interchangeable at times }:)

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be pissed off? :? ..... Since we just had our 15th anniversary and all!


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I just had surgery and my stitches are hurting from laughing. Biggrin

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Huh? BM doesn't mean bitchy mother? LOL...that's always what I was referring to! Actually, if you ask there are posters out here that will tell you what all the abreviations mean...no worries though...f-cking huband works for many posts!

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being a nurse I thought BM stood for Bowel movement not birth mother, Also sometimes interchangable

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Sooooo, funny. Yes, I have to admit I can't figure out all the abbreviations either.