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The Dancing Man

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My Step Son is now 11.  He has finally began to keep his room clean and actually is trying to be a good 6th Grade Student.

My question is, is it normal for an 11 year old boy to dance all the time.  

He breaks into dance for no reason at times.  When he does it is clapping and stomping.  It is semi-rhythmic.  It is just so annoying when it is on top of my head.  

His mom gets a kick out of it and she loves to dance (but when appropriate).  She is a crooner who likes to sing despite having an awful voice.  He even tells her to stop!

The real issue for me is my two sons in their Mid 20's were quieter , sort of introverted boys.  They were into Sports, video games and girls.  Now they are married, and financially successful.

I just may be a little "stiff", maybe my SS is normal and I need to relax, or is this a form of ADHD , I just don't know.

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Well, he might like to dance, get him into classes - BUT, just as it wasn't okay for your boys to bounce a basketball in the living room (I assume), he should show some restraint and courtesy about where and when he makes noise by dancing like that.

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Dance is good exercise and good for the soul.  In our house, we all break out into spontaneous dance at random moments, moreso if a good song comes on tv.  It's hilarious and fun.

DH and I used to go out dancing at least twice a month before the plague happened.  I'm 50 and look 30, and I attribute that to joy and exercise.


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the God forsaken TikTok "dance" moves. God help us all. 

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Came here just to say... thank Tik Tok. I think I hate that app more than the average mid 20 year old... ugh! It's the new "normal"

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I swear all the kids under 20 are being raised by til tok to be constantly performing and trying to get attention. It's like every single one of them is that annoying kid from drama class. 

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I agree with the other's he's probably doing the Tik-Tok dances. BD used to do them and it was so annoying because she would do these moves with this blank glazed over look on her face and I was like is that how you be a Tik-Tokker? Move like a robot and stare blankly?

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Or he's just got a lot of energy and doesn't know what to do with it. He's at the right age for it.

Both my SDs were AWFUL in the house with gymnastics, running, jumping, climbing on furniture, yelling, singing, acting, dancing, it was non-stop. And exhausting. I had no issue telling them to knock it off or go their room or outside. DH would just sit there and ignore it  which doesn't teach kids anything about how to take others into consideration or how to appropriately get rid of their energy....

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Joyous dance at appropriate times is great. If it is the "Look at me!" bullshit... nah.  It needs to be confronted and ended except when appropriate.  Appropriate behavior is a key part of what a successful parent imparts to their children.  Any behavior could be appropriate at the appropriate time.  If done at inappropriate times, it is not appropriate behavior.

Tic Toc or not......

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Interesting topic of discussion here. Ipsofacto has a wonderful POV on it, IMO. While I can understand another POV as seeing the dancing as intrusive and distracting. I like the idea of getting the kid into dance class. If he had proper instruction, he could have a chance at learning better rhythm and less obnoxious moves. Dance is indeed a great way to let go of tension and express ones self. 

While I also agree with Rags in that there may be some times and places where the dancing is inappropriate. Can you think of any times where SS has danced at inappropriate times? If so, how did your partner feel about it? 

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I would not say he does it at inappropriate times.  I also never linked it to TIK TOK.  I  know he is not hyperactive as he can sit for hours playing video games or practing his  Now that school has started agin, he seems to not be doing it as much  (Still virtual learning as we are under the Rule of King Cuomo). Now I just have to get him to put things away.  He has this uncanny ability to turn a room into a mess in about 32 seconds...*bomb**wacko*.