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Awfully frosty Father's Day card ~ wtf ?

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DF got his Fathers Day card Monday from his daughter.

The card said " even though we can't be together on Father's Day ~ you will be close in thought and even closer in heart. "

What kind of freaking guilt trip is that ??? She lives in the same damn town.

I have NEVER kept him from seeing her EVER. Put the blame on your father because you can't make time for him. What kind of passive aggressive card is that ??

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So true ~ I would want nothing more than for her to have a relationship with her dad. I do not need to be a part of it ~

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She blames him being with me for the relationship that they don't have. I didn't chain him to a chair for Father's Day.

Funny how she didn't send a card for his bday 2 weeks before.

Maybe I am making a mountain out of a mole hill.

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No, they are to blame for the state of their own relationship. If it was worth it to them, they would make a plan or effort to have a good relationship. Blaming you is an excuse.

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My thoughts also, easier to blame someone else, instead of taking responsibility. Don't let it bother you, don't give her the space in your head.

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I guess I just took this too personal. I am a widow n what my kids would have done to spend one more Father's Day with their Dad.

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I understand this. I detest kids who disrespect their parents and take them for granted.
Don't give this kid playtime in your head- she ain't worth it.
Love your H, concentrate on that relationship.

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Old enough to drive n has her own car !!

Trust me ~ it was just a dig to make him feel guilty.

One time when she was younger he blew up at her ~ and she ran awayin the woods . The next day she wrote him a letter slid it under his door n said I am sorry BUT you overreacted. Who says that to their parents ??? I would never talk back to my father ~ let alone second guess his rules in his house.

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My SDstb15 says that all the time. It's her favorite freakin' line. Everyone is always "overreacting" except, of course, her. Grates on me like nails on chalkboard. I agree with you. Who would dare say that to a parent? Oh, yeah, this kid would. And apparently yours, too. Blech blech blechety blech. Makes it sound like she thinks she is an authority figure whose job it is to control the underlings about her. BLECHHHHH!!!!!! Sad

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Was there some reason they were not together? My friend has two 30 plus years old daughters who pull the same nonsense. Both moved across the country one to CA and the other to Washington state. He is on a fixed, fixed income and they always call and say things like "too bad you are not coming to my birthday" "too bad you will miss your grandson's first ever tee ball game." They bring the man to tears sometimes. Yet, never once have they offered to pay for or even share in the cost of a ticket to visit. Both can afford to do so, but it is not their job "to pay for my dad to see me."

Sad, sad games. They claim too long for something and miss it deeply, yet do nothing to encourage it happening!

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No real reason other than probably NOT making a plan. She lives extremely local ~ love the narcassist card ~ I miss you. ( but I make no effort).

My father was my world n he always will be. I appreciated that man for everything he stood for. It's just plain n simple ~ no respect, for anyone. Everyone is disposable. It's kinda real sad that people live like that.

Maybe she should follow the yellow brook n see the wizard. Cause maybe the tinman can get a heart !!

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It sounds like the girls I knew, complain, and complain, but do nothing, make no effort. My hope is that your guy will not allow himself to be manipulated by this. For father's day and mother's day, the kids are the ones that are supposed to make the effort unless they are too little to do so.

My dad and mom are my love too! From the time I was old enough to plan the day I did, so I don't understand the woe is me card bit either. Maybe she did not read the card or maybe her mom bought the card, not that this is an excuse but teens can be wildly me me me 24/7. Still not right because she should not be so lazy about it!

Hopefully, she is not permitted to work the guilt card too much with success like my friend's daughters. Good luck with this!

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He isn't my kids father but my kids all wished him a happy fathers day via text or in person. The little one made him a card. It's the ONE day a year you show your appreciation ~ difference is my kids thank him on a daily basis for dinner or if he gives them $ to go out.
A Thank You goes along way ~

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Yes, we should remember to appreciate our loved ones every day, but yes especially on days dedicated to that particular person.

My husband's kids said nothing. So, my daughter was told to hold her present and card, lest they be embarrassed. Utterly crazy! Ultimately they gav whim something right before bed, no wrap, no card. My daughter still is not allowed to give her gift, lest they see...

So ridiculous!

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I would never have had my child hold their present back for fear of ..... Not ever happening ~ if they can't remember at least my child will.