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History does repeat

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My DH and I have spent the last 72 hours taking care of his GD. 12  hours to go. They brought her to us so sick with a head cold. DH has so many health issues and they are so selfish not to consider this. He has always gone out of his way to see my SD and now SGD. The parents are now separated and have moved on with other relationships. I wish I could tell my SD's younger self (who was so miserable), to not repeat this path for her daughter. SGD is so confused now, that she takes it out on us. I am tired of years of this toxic shit. I'd like to say to you young stepparents out there, that this is a lifetime commitment.

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I could absolutely see that happening in my future that's why I am moving far away. 

BM will never leave and SDs will never leave her so I have that going for me.


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Move away, buy in a controlled acces development.  55 and older if possible where the presence of children and guests is tightly controlled.