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who do you believe, BM or SS4

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when the BM calls to complain about something, and her story is the polar opposite story of the SS4, who do you believe?

she is a notorious liar, but he is only four so lying is kind of part of the who is telling the truth and how can you tell? and if it's the kid (which is my guess), than how do you confront the situation?

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"Unless bm seemed really, really malicious"

she has always been malicious. the reason we are in this mess is because of her malice and lack of maturity. i can honestly say she is the one person on this planet i actually hate--but i dare not let that cloud my judgement of her. she is a liar. no matter how i feel about her, she is. but that doesn't necessarily mean the little one isn't also participating...

oh i don't know. it's lose/lose, right?