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Ugggg It was my kid this time

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My SO takes my BS(16) to school everyday. This is a favor that he is doing for me, and I love that he volunteered.

SO told me that my BS was rude to him this morning.

Uggggg! Kid issues are usually all on SOs part. My son is usually soooo good.

I told my SO that I was sorry, and that I will not tolerate this and will talk to him this evening when I get home from work.

Now, how to approach my son with this...

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Be clear and concise. Ask him what he said to SO so you have his side of the story, if it confirms what SO says tell him you expect him to treat SO with respect and kindness. If there are discrepancies in the story, it's time to talk together as a family and lay out the expectations going forward.

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How to approach your son on this? Directly, forcefully, and with zero tolerance.

IMHO of course.

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Oh yea. I am beyond pissed at my kid!

& I know that there's two sides to every story, and I heard only one- but my SO was good about bringing it straight to me to deal with. Even told me not to be too hard on him.

I imagined how I might feel if situation were reversed, and it just made me more mad!

I feel like I am going to need to make a point EXTRA HARD "forcefully, and with zero tolerance"- rudeness to the authority figures in this house will NOT be tolerated!

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Ahhhhhh. It is refreshing to hear from a responsible and confident parent. A rare thing these days it seems.

I trust the discussion with your kid went well.

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It did go well. He apologized for his rudeness, and haven't had anymore rudeness like that from him. Little things here and there, but not right out rudeness. Smile


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