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Nude bathing with step children

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Is it appropriate for a 30 step-mother to bath nude with her 11 year old step son and 10 year old step daughter, and take photographs of the event?

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My grown step-son, now 44, is very defensive of this woman (former step-mom). Irrationally attached to her even though she has not been married to my DH for 33 years, and not very involved in his life since then. The last 3 years he seems to think that she should be included in everything we do. How to cope with such illogical thinking!

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That's not appropriate for a SM or BM or any other adult to do with a child. NEVER EVER. EVER. Gross!

"They say God doesn't give you more than you can handle. I just wish he didn't have so much confidence in me."

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why would u ask something like that? anyone with common sense knows the answer. its disgusting!

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I am not the step mother who allowed this. I was asking because my 44 year old step son, the one who was 11 when this happened, doesn't think that it was inapproproate. I have been married to my DH for 28 years, and this stepson is just now starting to cause problems for us.

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uncalled for.

"They say God doesn't give you more than you can handle. I just wish he didn't have so much confidence in me."

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It sounds like sexual abuse. And don't forget that sometimes the kids who are abused want to protect those that hurt them. I don't know how well adjusted your grown SS is, and I don't know if you can suggest counseling. How about the SD?

Has this just come up? Did this happen 33 years ago and you are just hearing about it? Are you concerned about this woman doing it again with grandchildren?

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This woman "came out" at her daughter's wedding 12 years ago. She has a tendency to display inappropriate behavior when she is around the grandchildren, and everyone else, for that matter. She has even made sexual comments to me. We have recently banished her from our home, which resulted in the alienation of all of our skids, even the 2 that aren't hers! A few months ago, when she was babysitting the 3 male grandchildren (overnight), she had her new girlfriend come over there and stay with all of them. The SD sems perfecctly OK with all of this. The SS mentioned in the first post married about 6 yrs ago when he was 38 to a woman with 2 grown children. They have no children together, and aren't planning on being new parents (she just turned 51).

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i am sorry, i did not mean to be harsh. i misunderstood the question.

your stepson needs some counseling, and i am not sure if maybe the sm involved can be prosicuted but it sounds like child abuse and child porn. does he have children of his own?


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i didnt read the question right. and i am sorry. your stepson needs therapy though, because that sounds like child porn/abuse. please accept my apologies.

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Oh, I agree...age 11 and a Stepmom? Uh, not no, but HELL NO! She crossed the line and it's probably damaged the psyche of both children. I feel sorry for them, and I feel sorry that you JUST found out about it. Makes you want to keep on guard around this predator.

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:jawdrop: :sick:
Then again the BM here sleeps naked with skid naked. Naked mommy with naked 8year old. :sick:

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Just when I think humanity has an ounce of grace, I am brought violently back to the depth of indecency with insight into other people's lives - like a 30 year old SM bathing with her 11 and 10 year old stepchildren.

Thanks for the reality check.