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The Worst Thing(s) HCBP Has Ever Done

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Vent away.  I have several I can share, but I'm wondering if there is a HCBP Manual they all follow, or some interesting doozies.

I don't want to bias the results, so I'll put mine in here and there when I have time.

I'm curious what other crazy shenanigans these creeps pull off.


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Not BM, but her now XH:

DH was in his room in his apartment. BMXH walks up to his window (first floor), knocks on it, and tells DH through the window that he and BM got into a fight and DCS was at their apartment taking the kids into foster care.

DH runs outside and BMXH is gone. He jumps in his car and speeds to BM's apartment. Gets there, bangs on the door, and BM opens, looking at him like he is loony. DH asks where the kids are, what happened, etc. BM has no idea what's going on.

BMXH either had just gotten there or walked in behind DH, and just started cackling. Apparently DH had been screening BM's calls because (surprise, surprise) BM had been harassing him. BMXH was tired of BM b**ching about it, so he said he told DH a tall tale to make him come over.

DH lunged at BMXH, and BM managed to stop him. BMXH is just laughing and BM, in rare form, tore into BMXH for his complete and utter stupidity, letting him know that DH WOULD beat the heck out of him and there was no guarantee that she wouldn't either.

BM apologized to DH. Shortly thereafter, BMXH got them evicted from the apartment for making some racial violence-motivated comments to neighbors. The kicker? DH was PAYING for the apartment, and it was in his name, so DH was out the cash plus had the eviction on his record.

BMXH caused many, many a problem. It took BM nearly 10 years after that to finally kick him to the curb. BM has done some crazy sh*t, but her XH has done some of the crazier things.

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Well, the WORST thing she did was alienate my SS from his father for 3.5 years.

But the most memorable thing she ever did was send SS, then 12 or so, out to the car for a week's vacation with us wearing baseball cleats.  DH says, go back in and get your sneakers.  SS knocks on the door, rings the bell, no answer.  Tries to call, tries text, DH tries to text, no answer.  We get home and BM sends a text "apologizing" that she missed the texts and says she will put the sneakers on the porch for DH to come back and pick up.  SS wore an old pair of DH's sneakers for the week and I later bought him a cheap pair to have at our house in case she did something like that again.

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BM trying to convince DH that he gave her some kind of disease that caused her complications with her second pregnancy (not his kid) truth be told he’s just a positive blood type as is her second baby daddy and she is negative so her body reacts differently when she’s pregnant with a positive blood type child. Yep. DH told her that’s not how it works and she is not his problem. His problems revolve are him, SS, me and my pregnancies. A few months later when I never announced it she told him that he obviously lied or I’d lost the baby and we deserved it. 

Her refusal to continue the potty training of SS when he was 2 because she didn’t want him peeing in her bed at night...he’d been underwear for about a week by then with minimal accidents and none at night but okay BM. 

BM recently decided she wanted SS’s first baby tooth so she emailed DH telling him SS needed it extracted immediately. Dh told her his cleaning was already scheduled for the following week and to wait until then and she said, “I was not asking permission I let you know how it goes” but once she figured out she’d have to come out of pocket for it, she cancelled the appointment. Go figure. SS would then come home with stories of BM breaking string trying to pull it out, wiggling it at school lunch and trying to pull it out there, calling ss during the week asking about this tooth. It finally did come out and it was at her house too but too bad it fell out in his sleep or while he was playing and he lost it  Ha! Karma. 

Im sure I’m have more but those have been some highlights  


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For us it was not a HCBP, it was a HCBGP.  The SpermGrandHag was our particular cross to bear.  She was hell bent on controlling everyone and every thing.  She polluted the kid when he was on SpermLand visitation, and supported her idiot son's (the SpermIdiot) efforts to impregnate every underage womb in the Pac NW from his early 20s on.  My wife is the first of his baby mamas and my son is the eldest of his 4 OOWL spawn by 3 different baby mamas.

One of my favorite SpermGrandHag strategies was her stealing my SS's nice clothing and substituting flea market clothing when he returned home from SpermClan visitation.  She was of the mind that it wasn't fair that he had nice things and his younger half sibs didn't.   Once she called to rant at my wife about returning a car seat that had been given for my SS when he was a baby/toddler, and all of his clothes that were too small for  him. Her claim was taht the car seat  had been loaned to my wife and not given to her for SS and that since CS was being paid any clothing too small for SS belonged to the SpermClan.  She wanted it for use by the three younger SpermIdiot spawned half sibs.

SpermGrandHag is a special kind of moron.

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The worst thing she ever did was take SS for a weekend visit (she left him with DH when she left to start her new family) and then not return him. She enrolled him in school and promptly left him locked outside her apartment the first day of school until she got off at 6. He gets off the bus at 3:30...he was 7 at the time in the South on a muggy August day. 

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Wait. What?! Are you f.cking kidding me right now?! Tell me the SS was taken away from her “care”!?

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BM did not notify DH when OSS died. He found out after the funeral which was out of state. She told everyone that DH could not be bothered to come. 

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I had two BMs, so I'm spoiled for choice. Hmm, the worst thing?

I guess that would be passing on their unfortunate genes. BM1 has emotional issues, and BM2 is severely mentally ill. In various ways, both damaged all of their children. And the beat goes on.

Also, as the top of the scum from the bottom of the barrel, BM2 distinguished herself during the custody battle by claiming that DH wasn't the father (DNA & the birth certificate say he is); that he abused her; and that he was stalking her and had raped her (thank goodness he was at work in a high security job site at the time). 


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I have a lot of choices, and I'm not sure which one is worst, so:

Our BM has a long history of bullying people over the phone.  She was doing it to DH when he and I got to know each other.  In the years between the divorce and our relationship, MIL was fearful that DH was going to take his own life, because of the constant bullying he was receiving from BM.  Our BM also loves to concoct elaborite schemes, and gets off on the cloak and dagger cat and mouse games she plays.

I have a distant friendship with GBM.

Several years ago, DH's XBIL had to move in with GBM because he lost his job.  XBIL and BM never had a good relationship.  According to DH, XBIL was a nice guy, softspoken, shy.  But BM hated him.  Our BM is like a bratty toddler, jealous of everyone and everything.  She was PISSED when GBM allowed XBIL to move back home, and tried to get GBM to give BM her car instead of loaning it to XBIL while he was jobhunting.  BM already had her own car, and no interest in working, but she became fixated on one-upping XBIL for the favors GBM was doing him, and BM called GBM obsessively when she was home to bish about XBIL "getting" something BM wasn't "getting".

GBM had dialysis appointments three times a week, and she found out BM was calling the doctor's office each time to make sure GBM was there.  According to the caller ID, BM was then calling GBM's home after veryifying GBM was out of the house. 

So, GBM and I are very sure BM was bullying XBIL, the same way she was bullying DH.  We can even quote the same thoughts on the things BM was likely saying to him, knowing BM so well, and based on all the things BM was saying to GBM at the time, and the way BM bullied DH.

Well, XBIL ended up hanging himself in GBM's backyard.  And we are very sure that BM goaded him into it.

After GBM found him, BM's first reaction was to demand a description of his face.  From her grieving mom.  Then BM came to GBM's house, and started going through XBIL's possessions, taking things.  Then she went on his computer and told GBM that XBIL had porn on his computer.  A grown man, with straight, adult porn on his computer.  To his grieving mother, on the same day she found him hanging in the backyard.

Then BM went to the morgue and demanded to see his body.  They told her No, but she insisted.  They had to forcibly remove her from the premises.  Then she demanded a copy of his death certificate.

Then BM drug poor SD, then 8, and an entourage of Mealticket's family to the funeral, none of whom had ever met XBIL, and seated them all in the front row, in front of GBM.  BM and Mealticket both got up several times during the service to refill their snacks.  Then BM refused to leave when the funeral home was ready to close its doors.  Then she demanded to take home all the leftover food, none of which was anything she'd ever eat.

Then BM made a scene days later claiming the casket had no vault over it, she'd seen it but not mentioned it the day of the burial.  Right.  So the poor sextant had to go out there with a stick and probe the grave, and he proved it had a vault over the casket, but BM still made a scene and accused him of still lying.  BM had to be removed from the property.  I have a letter from the sextant.

Then over a year later, BM sent a copy of an official-looking but unfiled lawsuit to GBM, accusing XBIL of sexually abusing her as a child, and accusing GBM of tying her up and facilitating it.  She just remembered.  She wanted lots of money.  XBIL's trust fund, to be exact.  I have a copy of the "lawsuit", it's mind-blowing.  It never went anywhere, because it was bullcrap and I advised GBM to ignore it.  Too bad GBM acknowledged she received it by calling the lawyer, I'm sure that gave BM a thrill.  I never thought I'd say this, but what a waste of a hardworking attorney's time.  

There's so much more.


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I bet someone else on this board has a BM like this.

And this isn't the worst thing she's done.  I have more.  I just don't get why SD wants to have anything to do with her.  SD may not be privy to all the facts, but she has to see what this woman is like...


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So make SD privy to the facts.  In fact force feed her the facts.  She may grow  up... eventually... and having clarity will be important.

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I have some doozies. I'll share a few. A few times BM has gone missing or days.  Presumably to go drink and not answer her phone. She has called and said she won't pick up the kids because she is still drunk. At one point she gave custody to SO because she "couldn't handle them anymore". In one of her drug induced incidents she messaged me and told me she was going to "kick my ass". She at one point tried to hook up with my ex husband. Now she won't leave him alone lol. She' has shown up at our house (mind you we live about a half hour away from her), constantly texts SO, he ignores her unless it's about the kids so that has helped some. But this woman is ridiculous on so many levels.