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Why is the ex in my freaking bed!?!?

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I know TMI. But is nothing freaking sacred!?!? DH and I just had a great intimate time together and then afterwards lying in bed talking he brings up BSC (bat shit crazy) and how she might overreact to something He is taking his daughter to next week. I'm like WTF can't I even have my damn bed off limits to her???

I just want to freaking run away. I didn't marry this bitch but she's in my life all the flipping time. I seriously just can't take this. Am I the only one who feels this way?

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^^^^^Yeah....I like this too.

My H used to carry his X around with him too.

Drove me nuts.

I used to tell him that talking about Uberskank or his kid was not foreplay.

Bottom, skids and X's don't belong in the bedroom. Ever. If he can't understand that, then I see a lot of baby oil and hand-towels in his future.

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No I've told him before but he just keeps doing it then tells me I'm overreacting. There's nothing like post sex cuddles with talk about the whore ex...