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When BM is suddenly being nice?

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What to think when BM is normally batshit crazy and all of a sudden is being nice? I am at a loss :? :? :? :?

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She either needs a favor from you, is about to take you back to court for some "good" reason or she's hiding something. You can just let it roll until she flips her psycho switch back or figure it out. I would figure it out personally.

Oh and it's tax season so she might have gotten her refund.

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Only time the BM is every either to my she can't cope with people not liking her (weird one) and she knows I've made her boys lives more stable so she knows better than to p*ss me off. If she is nice to my DH...then that is because she is upto something. She was on his case when we first got together because her on off relationship wasn't working...however soon as the relationship was on and she was happy...she has behaved herself a bit more. Still an idiot, but its calmed down. So if the BM is being nice, she is either getting laid or upto something.

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Be vewy, vewy, cawefuw.

The only time the Sperm GrandHag was pleasant at all for the entire 17+ years of our CO she wanted something and was setting up some toothless attempt at getting custody for her idiot son or getting CS lowered. None of it ever worked but only because we were ever diligent about beating them to a bloody pulp with a rolled up copy of the CO.

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My spidy-senses start to tingle when BM is nice to DH. I confronted her years ago and told her that the issues she and DH were having had nothing to do with me and so there should never be a problem between her and I. Any contact I have with her is almost exclusively through text (so there's a 'paper trail') and she is, for lack of a better word, pleasant with me. DH and her are like cats and dogs 95% of the time. But we both worry when she is suddenly nice and accomidating, because it usually means a storms a-comin'!

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I concur - she's up to something. When they're nice, they're ALWAYS up to something.