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Really BM ???? WTF ???

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Wtf ??

Just took a gander on FB ~ what mother puts pics up of her chest area ? Or pics of elf on the shelf in seductive scenes as your profile pics for the works to see.
Lots of promiscuous pictures ??? Ummm on FB ~ am I that far off the grid ??

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It's creepy !

I can't imagine my mother doing that ~ it makes it difficult to have any respect what so ever !!!

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My SD bm has a drawing of a criminal for her profile shot. I guess she is proud of jail coming up and the jail time already spent.

loser bm!

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BM #2 recently set up a FB account within the last year. Most of her pics are of when she and DH were still together, like family pics. BM has no pics of she and FI on there. Creepy. BM has been engaged for over a year, DH and I have been together for almost 3 and married for almost 2yrs.

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I don't have any work place friends on my social site, but my sons are on my fb, and so is my husband. I don't post sexy or seductive pics because it's disrespectful to both I think. You're not alone in your feelings.