License and dui

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Bm got a dui in Nov. She seems to keep racking up cases since then. Along with that has a driving with revoked license and speeding. Would this be enough for an emergency order? We now have primary as of last year based on her terrible past so adding this isn't helping trust. 

Has anyone had an ex that had their license revoked? He asked her today and she sent a photo so maybe she has it but how in the heck can you get a revoked license charge....and still have your license? Things aren't making sense.



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They may have revoked her license, but it may not have been confiscated. Or perhaps BM went through the requirements to get a new license. 

Is it enough for an emergency order? Only your lawyer can tell you that.

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Right we will have to see Monday. One of the other dads were awarded full custody earlier this yr bc she wouldn't commit to the requirements. This was done in a diff county. She is very lucky to be having any custody at all right now.

What you said makes sense. I guess after her Aug court dates we will know more. For now it's so crazy we may have to continue with the CO despite her showing so much instability. But yes dh will need to schedule asap to check this out. Thanks

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You can get this information knife she has a license or not, or a license to only go to work.  Does she do pick ups of SK ?

Are you saying , you don't want SK with a unlicensed driver "BM"   Would you call the police to have her license checked at pick up,.

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It's been a bit difficult looking some of this up. She has a dwlr it makes us think she doesn't have a license but I can't say 100% sure but if it's public thats good it can be searched. 


DH has thought about having a police at the upcoming pick up. We can add that to info to get monday. She seems confident saying she does and she did send a pic and kept saying she wouldn't be driving if she didn't. So im guessing she may but the biggest cause for concern is the fact that she has a court case for open container, swerving lanes on the same ticket as the dui. Then has the license revoked ticket then just got a speeding ticket last month. Who adds 2.more reckless tickets on top of a dui and after losing custody, losing a child (passed away) and now pregnant again we jus found that out too.

So this person is just extremely unsafe. We were thinking there has to be some way. She's fully lost custody of another of her kids also with another dad. It's just alot of insanity to wrap a head around really. But yea the license part seem quickest to be looked into. The rest is just extremely concerning. 

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Also yes the exchanges are done between dh and bm. 

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Your bm is supremely effed up.

Sounds like she is an alcoholic. Perhaps your husband should try to get some rehab court ordered if she wants to maintain any custody/visitation.

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This seems to be what the other dad did back in Jan this year. The doc ended saying because she missed all prerequisites and did not take a drug test she would not get any court visitation of their child. Im.wondring how that happened and now we will definitely check with a lawyer on this. This would be very helpful. Thanks