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It just hit the fan. DH just told them literally everything.

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I can't even believe what just happened. The kids were  telling DH that it's all his fault that they can't see their cousins (he told them that he's keeping them during his cistody time when mom tried to plan a cousin visit something over it)They told him that things were great until I came along and that he puts us first (this is all their mothers alienation tactics) screaming at him. I mean it was bad! Omg y'all. He pulled the car over and he said "that's  it. You guys are old enough to know the truth"  He told them EVERYTHING. He told them about the alienation of their mother, how she lied and tried to say he abused them, how she's using them as pawns, why she withheld them, that she tells him that they hate him and don't want to see him. That every time they leave our house she sends us messages saying that theg had an awful time.  I mean he told them everything. He was crying. They were crying. They hugged him and said they were so sorry. I'm in shock right now. I don't know if this was a good or bad thing  Omg. 

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In your case, I'm not sure how things could get much worse.  I know people say not to say anything bad about the other parent and not to put kids in the middle, but that often seems to backfire when there's an alienating parent.  Fortunately, I have no experience with alienation, so I have no idea how this will play out, but I really hope it improves things for you. 

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Well that's all she did!! She would not stop putting things in the kid's heads. Making negative comments about dad, me, my kids ect... it's SICK!  DH finally had enough. 

We are waiting for the email of hate to come soon. Ugh!!! 

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Well, I don't think it's necessarily bad, and their response was good! My SS used to just stare blankly at DH when tried to talk about it. He used to come to our room crying at night when he was 11, apologizing for lying to lawyers/therapists/etc- but he hardened up and then just didn't say a word when this came up.DH's position was that he had the right to tell SS the truth (though sometimes, IMO, he went too far).

BUT, expect a flurry of emails from BM about how DH is trying to alienate her and yada yada yada. 

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True. I think we are just preparing for the worst to happen. She is definitely going to do something drastic. He exposed her. This is going to be awful. We are preparing for the worst. Should he ignore all her emails? 

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Depends on what they say, I guess.

He can say, "I shared with the boys that we had our July 4 vacation planned before you invited his cousins to visit, so we will be continuing with our plans for that weekend. I will not discuss this issue any further."

Then ignore. Hopefully she will flip her lid enough to really show her ass.

I well remember the anxiety of waiting for the shit to hit the fan after DH did something BM would not approve of.  It really made me realize how truly abusive she is.

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"And the truth will set you free...."

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I hope so. This is crazy! I just don't know what's going to happen. She is going to completely lose her mind. I'm expecting allegations and her withholding them. 

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I'm curious if they are going on tell her. I feel like there's no way they are not going to go home and spill everything!!

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Just a thought, What about allowing BM to pick up the kids at the vacation site. At least that puts the onus back on her. If it is so important, she can come get them, you will not interupt your vacation.

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That's a good idea but this weekend actually isn't a vacation. We have family visiting.