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I can't deal with the inconsistency in regards to my husband's ex. She has been awful at every turn. She is incapable of supporting herself since she is only working part time, so according to guidelines, my husband has to pay more to pick up the slack. In addition, her father has been giving her $500/month for existing for the last 10 years because she can't support herself. Keep in mind, she has a Master's degree and she's pushing 40.

Ok, so to the point. How can she text my husband that she cares about him very much and loves him and always will on Wednesday, and then give me a Mother's Day card and gift four days later?

She has, in the past, threatened to have me thrown out of a hospital for visiting her son. She has told my husband he needs to find child care, and when he tells her I'm happy to babysit, she's not comfortable with it despite having made me the court appointed supervisor during their divorce.

She refused her son being on my health insurance for months because she didn't want to have my name on his health card.

I just can't even wrap my head around it.

Anyone have any insights?

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So, basically... there's no way of helping her understand why her behavior is bat-shit-insane? She just is that way? I'm SO sick of taking the high road, when I just want to give her a layout of WHY the way she behaves is not received warmly.