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Fantasy Email to BM or BD

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Dear Dipshit,

Thanks for setting the bar so low, DH thinks the sun rises and sets with me.


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HA. Love this.

Sometimes it doesn't take much to be better. Mainly not hitting him when I'm upset.

I'd also add "I have no clue how you could just leave this man. He works hard to provide, spoils the hell out of me, and is a wonderful father and partner. Well your loss my gain. You're not getting him back."

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Sometimes it doesn't take much to be better.

Yep! For DH, finding a woman who wasn't a skanky cheater was doing better! Biggrin

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This is the best!

DH: I love you you always have time for a hug or you never turn away from me...

Me: What are you talking about? Didn't you get hugs before?

DH: No

So obviously it doesn't take much!

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This sounds like my home. I love with a big heart and it's 100000 times better than his ex did. I cannot imagine anyone not seeing what an amazing man he is. Her loss! 

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I can so relate.  SO is amazed that I cook and I work.  Not a single one of his exes did any of that.

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Keep all of the toxic crap from the opposition and review it next time court happens.

We never tolerated any toxic crap and rather than get into the tit for tat with the shallow and polluted end of my Skid's gene pool we had our attorney send them the nasty grams.  They hated getting anything on his letter head. It was always bad news for them.

This was all done snail mail and telephone calls as they were not computer or internet literate.

If I were to email the DipShitiot.... 

"You really are a dumb ass. That single teen mom statutory rape victim that is the mother of your first child is now a highly educated highly successful CPA and I have been her husband for approaching 26 years, the baby boy she brought to our marriage is mine, he asked me to adopt him.   He is a successful man in his own right having so far served 9 years in the USAF and alone is far more successful than the entire population of your shallow and polluted multigenerational familial gene pool combined.  Two of your three younger also out of wedlock spawn by two other baby mamas are hood rats with arrest records nearly as long and distinguished as  your own.  The other one hates you. Great job dumb ass. Enjoy your pathetic life. Buh-bye" 

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Thoughts on this...? I read an article a few years ago called "Things I wish you knew" "things I'll never send" something if the sort.


I have written a letter and actually added to it throughout the years. Lol it has been therapeutic. When SD is 18, with no possible legal repercussions, what do you think of ACTUALLY sending it? All of my retorts I've held my tongue in the last 13 years....



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Dear BM, 

DH didn't really want to marry you. He confessed that he was repulsed by you, but you were there and he thought he was supposed to get married before he turned 30, so he went through with it. He doesn't wish that his children weren't born, but he wishes that you were not their mother. He thinks you're a terrible mother. I'm just glad he no longer makes excuses for your terrible behavior. 

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How can you feel any pride in yourself? Don't you want to work and take care of yourself? Do you really want to be on welfare for the rest of your life? Why do you continue getting pregnant by random strangers? Do you even know who the father of your youngest two children are? Have you been tested for STDs? 

Every time I see you, you look rough. Beat up. Like you live on the streets. Always dirty and unwashed, always in your PJs. Get a job. Stop asking us for money when you aren't even willing to support yourself. Brush your fucking teeth. Leave me alone and stop being angry at a man who left because you cheated and abused him.

You claim to be a feminist but put me down because I'm white. Because I live in the suburbs. Because I've had two successful careers. You aren't a feminist at all, you're just a gross, angry person who hates men and anyone who is different than you.

If I were you, I would be embarrassed of myself.