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Court records and dui

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Not sure to add this here or in the legal section but have any of you looked up the unstable parent's court date? 

I do this randomly and usually a court date appears that bm has to attend the following month or 2, each time. It's pretty insane. The most recent time I found she had a court date last month for a dui, swerving lanes and open container.. she was driving today for the first time with a new tag. We have no idea the result of her dui etc court case last month. She was usually in the passenger seat the past few months so we assumed she no longer had a car or license which the car part has been normal the past few years. She's always with a vehicle with a new tag once or twice a year. We found out 2 yrs ago she wrecked 2 cars in one month it's insane.

I found out that ppl do lose their license for a dui case but some receive a permit. We do not talk to bm about anything bc its been nearly 10 years and she's never...ever straight forward or honest with anything. So we're always looking things up or her info is found or someone tells us like a lawyer or one of her other baby fathers. Dh is wondering how'd she get a new car and how is she driving right now suddenly? 

Has any of your partner ex had a dui? Were looking to see how to carefully go about this. Dh was going to have a cop with him next time but hearing that she could have a permit that allows driving for work or kids would cause more issues. What do you all think in this situation?

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lives and official records (court, arrest, divorce, etc...) of the Spermidiot and the SpermGrandParents.

It was very useful information when we were battling the toxic crap they pulled for hte 16+ years my SS-30 was under the Custody/Visitation/Support CO.

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It depends on your state laws really.  My DH’s ex got a DUI awhile back, because it was considered her first they didn’t count it as a DUI and instead she got a fine and probation for three years.  She then got another DUI two years later which did result in her getting “jail” time, more a deferred sentence and more probation on top of losing her license and she got busted recently for driving on a suspended license.  We know she’s drives we see her all over town, but I guess it’s up to a cop to pull her over.  DH’s daughter is an adult so it doesn’t affect us, but we have had to deal with a pscyho drug addict ex and going to court regularly while Spawn was a kid.

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We're in NC. It seems that may have been what happened. I'm not sure if this is her first offense but so far I'm not seeing much of a consequence.


How long was her jail sentence? has she ever had actual consequences in the past for drug use etc? They seem to slip past everything makes no sense to me.


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I think the max time Meth Mouth has spent in prison has been 30 days.  Shes very petite and speaks softly and cries so dumb judges see her as a victim and not as the crazed psycho drug addict she is