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BM in surgery today

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BM had neck surgery today. Sadly, she made it through just fine.

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LMAO thanks! Sorry for your lack of a loss...that is so wrong but I can't help it.

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I suppose it was too much to hope for. If something dire had happened, she would have died a martyr, but at least we'd be rid of her sorry, drunken, pill-popping, smack-talking ass.

*shakes fist to the heavens* Why? }:)

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"sorry for your lack of loss" that is hilarious. So wrong, but so funny.

I was just thinking the other day... I am ok with BM never quitting smoking... I think everyone here knows WHY. }:) Sick, I know.

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Oh, and just in case I haven't been clear - cuz I'm new here & all - I effn hate this bitch. She needs to get offa mah planet.

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My wish yesterday while BM's been out of town last two weeks was for her never to return. No one knew exactly where she went nor when her return would be. Not the first little trip she's taken...

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She will make sure that happens no matter the method of her demise. She's just that evil & manipulative. And have no fear, I AM careful of what I wish for. I know exactly what I'm wishing for, and so does DH.