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BM did her deposition yesterday

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She's crazier then I even originally thought. She basically said I'm a crap mother and I have no idea what it's like to work hard (I have not been able to work much because of the pandemic but getting back to work now) she said that I have negatively influenced my husband as a father, I am a bad cook (LOL) I am an awesome cook and I cook constantly! It's a hobby of mine. Last night I made chicken breasts with thyme, and a balsamic glaze with roasted green beans. Yeah... I'm awful! Hahaha! She said my husband is odd and nobody likes him. Lol!! Literally everyone LOVES my husband. He's a total nut in a good way snd he makes everyone laugh. He's so kind too. He's just a great guy. Everyone at work things he's the bomb! He's been there almost 12 years. Like the things she was saying were so crazy I don't even know how to comprehend it. She's literally crazy. The good part though?? She admitted to a bunch of contempts!! Her attorney was so frustrated with her. He kept jumping up saying "I think it's s good time fir a break!!" Because she was like "the court order is just a piece of paper. I am THEIR MOTHER and yes I did that" she was very proud of herself breaking the CO because she knows better. Oh boy! It was s good day. Even though the things she said about us were utterly disturbing, we know we are covered with therapists testimony and I'm not worried about that. She dug her hole so deep. Yes! 

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Your BM is an idiot. Who cares if anyone likes your DH or if you cook well (or at all?!)

Hopefully, this resolves soon for you.

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She asked if my step kids have said anything negative about me. She sat there in silence for like 5 minutes straight and when our attorney said "ok we will move on from that question" she said "wait I just thought of something! The kids said she's a bad cook" which is hilarious because I have to ss of text messages of them telling me they love what I made for dinner and a card my stepson made me that said "you are sn amazing cook" 

my husband and I could not stop laughing. So happy it was in zoom and we could mute. We were dying laughing. Lol 

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Your BM is a nut and she is showing her true colors to the courts. Most HCBMs aren't this blatant or stupid. In fact, most HCBMs are manipulative and know how to play the game to get the courts on their side. Ignore all the crap she spewed about you and DH; clearly she is insecure and jealous. It is likely that she will bury herself with this one. 

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Yep. Our attorney was like "that was embarrassing for her" it was SO OBVIOUS what the issue is. She could not stop talking about me. Lol!!! She knows nothing about me except for what the kids tell her and they know they have to say bad things to make her feel better. 

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She has never met me but ex coworkers of hers from over 20yrs ago who work at my husband's company headquarters (same building/ different dept), found out he was dating a caucasian woman and it was serious. She calls my eldest sil batshit crazy acting like mother theresa that she was so concerned for her daughters that hubby was dating a half naked christian whore.

the reality? I'm a muslim born woman who wears the hijab/headscarf like almost 20 yrs now. When sd's found out, bio mum claimed she was a born again muslim woman. Sd's the gullible idiots they are bought this bullshit story no matter how blatantly false it is.

my husband told his sister to chill, exwife is crazy as usual and spewing a whole bunch of bullshit so and so at hubbys work heard of so and so and by the time these several people have called batshit crazy, the story has changed so many times full of hearsay and no truth.

She still thought she could use the daughters to get her way, when hubby married me whilst sd's had still ceased contact, hubby made no effort to contact sd's because he had no contact info or address and felt they made their choice and they need to live with it.

hubby met someone he loves and he isn't gonna have our relationship revolve around sd's. When bio mum had sd's reinitiate contact with hubby 3.5 yrs into our marriage when our kids were 1 & 2, she had eldest sd23 as my husband for his elder sisters number for cooking recipes. She called my sil and sang me praises and that i loved her girls like my own kids. I told my husband i do not and never will love your kids like my own because they are horrible people to be around and why should i love them like my own kids when their own mum didn't want them and neglected them?

i wanted to punch that hoe in the face. My husband has gone 12.5 yrs not seeing her, i have never met her in the 8 yrs i have know my husband.

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Nope!!! However she said she's the smartest most best mother in all the land and she knows nothing about me but I probably stage videos to make our family look good. Haaaaaahahaha!! She said she doesn't think I know what it means to work hard because my husband puts me first and I don't even have to work (mind you she was a stay at home mom throughout there 15 year marriage and didn't work which was fine for her but not me but I eas only not working because of Covid snd going back) she said so much stupid ridiculous petty crap that her attorney was embarrassed. He eas rolling his eyes, putting his head in his hands and having to tell her to just answer the question. She's going to do awful in court. 

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She might as well have gotten up there and said, "I'm very bitter because my ex-husband left me and has found happiness with this woman, who is a very good cook.  And he even is supporting her while she can't work! I realize now what a great guy he is and how stupid I was to let him get away, but instead of being a grown-up about that, I'm going to try to destroy his relationship with the kids".

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Yup!!! Only she cheated on him and left him for the slimy neighbor and thought he was going to marry her. So she destroyed her marriage for a guy that used her as a booty call. I didn't even meet my husband until 2 years after they divorced. Lol! 

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Great update!! I'm happy for you!! She sounds like my BM, left BF for a married man who went back to his wife..but I'm a "skank" 

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While married to my husband and current husband left his wife for exwife.

she hasn't worked in 27 plus yrs, plays the whole single mum card and no kids are living with her, even the minors. She's such a disgrace to be called a mother.

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And what does any of that have to do with anything. The good news is your BM might just hang herself like ours did.  

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It took a lot of years and money for hcbm to show the court what an idiot she is but she eventually did. They are all the same. Jealous. Crazy. Narcissistic. Bm cheated on dh too and married a golf instructor. Neither make any money but she thinks her poop doesn't stink. Every time I hear her screechy voice, I want to scream.

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I'm wondering, ..... can your attorney put her attorney on the stand and questing him on what she said?  If not... too bad.  I would love to watch an idiot like your BM lose her shit when her attorney has to recount her bullshit.  I have never hear of an attorney having to testify regarding their clients bullshit.  Probably covered by attorney client privilege.  But, if BM spouts her shit in front of others as well as her attorney, is that covered by privilege?

Lawyers?  Please comment.


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She refuses to follow the court order. She states it's a piece of paper and she knows best. She has withheld the kids, refuses therapy for them, makes all the decisions and will not consult DH. He simply wants shared custody and a parental coordinator. He already has joint physical and legal but she does as she pleases and completely disregards DH. So, we are hoping to get a parental coordinator to be the tie breaker. Totally reasonable. She is acting like he's trying to rip the kids away from her. lol!! Joint custody and a PC. That's it! She wants full Custody, every single holiday, dad gets no vacation time, she wants the kids with her when they are sick or recovering from anything medical and dad only gets his kids every other Friday night to Sunday at 5:00pm. Oh and she wants him to pay 100% medical, extra curriculars (whatever she chooses) and anything else she feels the kids desire. Baaaaahahahahaha!!!! Like a judge is going to think she's reasonable? Unreal!