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911 Situation/ SS12 was Abused by Bio-MOM

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I posted before in "Bio-Free Kids Forum" about my issues with Fiancee' and for those who have read that post... THIS couldn't come at a worse time... I am 100% at a loss.

Got a call last night from SS12 that his Mom had hit him repeatedly and wouldn't stop screaming and yelling at him over some lost boots. I was like 'Woah, What, Huh???" I know both my Skids have been having a rough time at their Mom's house (Primary residence). She has a new boyfriend who now stays over most nights, and the household dynamic has changed and not for the better. I ran and got my Fiancee' who got on the phone with his Ex and she was in the midst of packing his bags and THROWING HIM OUT... While this was all going down, my SD15 called me to confirm all this.

Fiancee' went over and picked up SS12 and brought him home... Looks like there was not any noticable bruises, etc... but we know it happened. I told Fiancee' to get SD15 as well, but she felt fine staying behind...

Kept SS12 home from school today to let him reset a little bit, and we can have the 'discussion' tonight... The biggest issue with keeping SS12 for good is getting him to and from school. We live just a touch outside his school district, and the bus doesn't come anywhere near our home... and we both leave for work much much earlier then he starts class.

Do you think it is wise for us to contact his school to let them know the situation? We thought about calling the police on the biomom but thought it would be best to wait for all parties to cool off a little bit.

I am just at a LOSS about what to do....

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As soon as you tell the school, they will make the call for you. They are mandated reporters and are bound by law to call the police and social services. So start preparing yourself mentally for having a full time step. I hope the little critter is doing okay.

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I have wanted him full time with us for YEARS...and my fiancee did have a chance 2 years back and royally SCREWED it up with his vices and inability to be an adult... but never has he ever laid a hand on his kids...I KNOW she will hold that against him, amongst other things which makes this a VERY uphill battle... In Illinois the Family Court is very Mother Biased... It's awful.

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CAN SS file a report at the police station, might this not help him getting away from BM?

just asking, I would not want to be in your shoes

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We will see... Also there is ANOTHER issue as well... His oldest SD19 (from another BioMom...) who is just a NIGHTMARE and has been joyfully out of our lives for the past year, just had a baby a few weeks ago with her Boyfriend... now she is back in the picture and WARPING Fiancee's mind...again...just because you have a baby DOESN'T suddenly make you a respectable, responsible, non-stealing/lying, High School Drop Out.... So I just found out that Fiancee has already told SD19 about the situation and her boyfriend will be driving SS12 to school for the next few days.... MY GOD IT'S LIKE I AM LIVING IN THE CIRCUS FROM HELL....

This guy WILL NOT follow through, I just know it... and anytime SS12 gets around SD19 it's always love, love, love at first and then SD19 dissapoints, lies or steals from one of the younger SKIDS and everyone is miserable... I say a BIG "I TOLD YOU SO" and I turn into the enemy... The enemy who pays for everything....

Got to find another way around this.

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I sympathize Jen. SS14 is with us for the same reasons. His mother went to choke him and it was the last straw. They had been having problems for about a year before. He has been with us every since that night.

Luckily for us the HS he decided to attend is a Vocational school that he can get to by bus either from BM's house which is 45 minutes from the school or from us which is only 15 minutes.

DH did think about calling the police but him and SS14 discussed it and decided not to. The school would have called the police. She has not even bothered to ask how he is.

We are currently going to court next month for full time and stop CS.

All I can say is good luck and I hope it all works out. Especially for the poor SS12.


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OP, When abuse of a child is suspected your supposed to call the police.

I tend to agree with Super Jew...there is a ton of drama inside this family that I WOULD not knowingly want to be a part of.

Its one thing to have junk unfold as a marriage progresses but you are deciding to marry into this.


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Here is what happened when BM punched SD in the face and the school called CPS.

The school saw the bruises and they called CPS. CPS found out BM was living with 2 child sex offenders, that got the kids taken away faster than the bruises on her face.

The social worker recommended DSO keep skids, SD9 and SS10 at the time, in the same school, which is out of our district so no bus. DSO had to cut back his hours at work to transport his kids to and from school. I used his tax return and did a loan refinance so his bills were very minimal so we could survive while he worked 25 hours a week. AFter about a year, DSO would drop SD at school, and she would walk to my Moms house which is 4 blocks from the school she attended. AFter 2 years, she was in the middle school with bus service from our house. At this time, SS was back living with BM as his violence was too much for me to take anymore.

If you are serious about keeping your SS, then you need to sit down and figure out how one of you can cut your hours, work from home to get the kid to school. You may also need to change his school if its not possible to survive on less money.

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That is bull that he had to keep the kids in the same district. Yeah yeah, blah blah the social worker recommended this to dad...whoop de doo. He didn't have to. They didn't want to have to put miles in to go see the kids 1x a month while the case was open. By keeping the kids 'local' to them was in CPS best interest with lazy social workers.

IF dad lived on the moon he could make the decision to send the kids there IF he wanted to.

I am sorry Dad was not well informed the way CPS should have.

This stuff makes me want to spit. ((SORRY))....They placed unnecessary $$ burden on dad.