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Stupid BM

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If biohag hadn’t screamed at my DH over me grounding her demon spawn in my house I probably wouldn’t have disengaged permanently. That was my last straw!

She would never see him because she is too lazy/irresponsible/stupid. Me and DH make sure stepbrat sees biohag.

Also, stepbrat screwed himself by tattling on me to biohag.

He was better off when I was engaged, it’s true. Now, IDGAF. 

Tough sh*t stepbrat and biohag. I don’t even care what slander you spread about me, You monumental dumba$$es.

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There are a lot of stupid people out there - many who lost a good partner and some BMs who are really good at shooting themselves in the foot.

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Thank you for saying how I feel.....biohag, stepbrat, etc.  This is me on a daily basis.  *give_rose*

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I actually censor myself heavily. I simply think of biohag as a worthless, rotten wh*re. She’s one of the worst excuses for a parent and mother I have ever witnessed.


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I did for her f*cking spawn when she abandoned him but thanks for playing.



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Especially when they hardly have their kid through their own laziness/choice. No gratitude for the wife of their ex doing for a kid that belongs to BM.

It’s rude and foolish. She shot herself in the foot and she can never dump stepbrat on us full time ever again. I will not allow it. She isn’t allowed to die lol. 

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Speaking of rude and foolish...

“stepbrat screwed himself by tattling on me to biohag.”

How old are you?

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Old enough, why? The entitled, manipulative stepbrat did it to get out of being grounded and to cause drama and strife.

He got more than he bargained for. I used to take him and his friends places, used to make sure he cleaned his teeth. I used to do his laundry.

 I used to work on his manners and table manners. I used to go to school stuff. Hell, I used to wrap his Christmas and birthday gifts: I *planned* his birthday parties.

I did all these things even after he did and said awful stuff because I’m too f*cking magnanimous.

But when I heard Biohag screaming at my DH (all we did was ground the turd; never laid a hand on him) it hit me like a lightning bolt: I was wasting my time and my energy on *her* kid.

i decided on the spot: no more! I never uttered the words; I just trained DH to understand no DH = no stepbrat and BM has to have him at least sometimes.

 I’m out! 

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Why be out?  You are right on IMHO.  I get the challenges of dealing with  toxic blended family opposition.  Our flavor of idiocy was in the form of my SS’s SpermIdiot and the SpermGrandHag.

I made it my mission to bare their asses and beat them into submission to minimize heir influence and to protect our kid’s Best interests.  Minimizing the impact of the shallow and polluted end of his gene pool on his life was a critical responsibility that his mom and I made happen.  Compared to you..... we were lucky.  The kid was comperably no problem compared to yours.

Bring the CP household didn’t hurt either.

Take care of you.

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I totally back your realisation and decision to step away and say ‘enough’. I have done the same.

My stepkids have BM’s DNA running through their veins at the end of the day. It’s not smart of me to expect them to act any differently than her.

It is better for stepmums that have turd stepkids to protect ourselves and back the hell away from them.

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Yes and it’s more peaceful for my marriage and my family. I’m less irritable with my real kids.

 I let DH and (lol!) BM deal with their son.

It’s true about BM’s mtDNA; I can’t change that. How stepbrat turns out isn’t on me even though I tried.


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Even my husband has said he’s so disappointed he let his kids with ex get to the current point, they’re bloody useless, lack basic life skills, have manipulated and guilted hubby to get through life (well they’ve had their mum set an amazing example), now they’ve seen daddy dearest (aka the rich bank) has upgraded with wife #2 (much younger) and still think they can emotionally guilt dad for moving on with sob stories, old photos of “happy times” and tell their dad to not forget about child support (something he always paid on time and more than required because he earns alot), no concern he had 2 young toddlers and there is only one of kids from ex eligible for child  support

what they haven’t counted on is hubby has moved on and seen how different things are with me. That the manipulation and guilting is not working anymore. That his kids emotionally abusing me and our 2 kids (their half siblings) purely because they can is unacceptable and a disgrace. 

My husband has enough guilt for staying married to their mum when he knew he shouldn’t have married her on their wedding day... tough mess to work through but these kids need to friggin grow up in the real world

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Yep, yep.  I will be curious to see how all these products of biohags turn out.  Most likely they will be the ones filling up our prisons.  Wink

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I honestly hope and pray my stepbrat turns out to be a responsible human being but I also ain’t holding my breath. Biohag is irresponsible and lazy to a fault. She also has no integrity; she ripped my DH off to the tune of many (tens) thousands of dollars.

 I’m not even my husband can prevent their spawn from turning out to be a POS drain on society

There is a war looming on the horizon; the demonspawn must be out at 18 and I know my husband is not on board.

 I fantasize about stepbrat choosing to go live with Biohag but my DH wouldn’t “allow” that. FML

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Inform DH that skids out of the house at 18/end of high school is non-negotiable. End.Of.Story. Not open for further discussion.

I have done my turn at the wheel with his horrible children. When SD finishes school she can go wherever she wants or move back with her hateful swine of a mother.


DH has been made well aware that this is my one deal breaker. I sound like a b1tch but I am a generous, loving, supportive and giving wife in all other regards except this. My mental health would not be able to cope with an extra day with the fox in the hen house (how it feels having SD in my home).

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I know exactly what you mean. I’m going to have to become financially independent so I have sufficient leverage in my campaign to boot the b-stard out in a few years.

Having that stinking, arrogant, lazy, entitled turd in my basement sends my anxiety sky-high.

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^^^^^^^^^^^  Counting down the WAY too many years left before SD moves out.  Thinking that possibly when a teenager she will choose to go to biohags toxic home.  I can't say that I will be sorry.  I would like to hope that SD turns out not as a hindrance to society, but, given BM's genetics and mindset along with DH not fully parenting it is looking like a slim chance.  

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Exactly this.

 I try to take measures to make life here not easy or fun for stepbrat. He doesn’t get unfettered internet access nor endless junk food.

My hope is he’ll choose to go to Biohag’s dump because she gives him a steady diet of garbage and soda.