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Did BM really say this hahaha

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Been with DH for 9 years. 2 years married. Since day 1 BM reminds the kids and DH that I am not their mother. Duh. I'm aware. I've been disengaged for over a year now due to issues with SS15 and his lying and manipulating after he solely lived with us for about a year. And then SD13 lived with us solely for six of those months bc BM said they are causing problems which we didn't have when they were with us. Shortly after they are both manipulative and lying so I said we need a set schedule. I'm done being the one who gets them to school, etc. I completely disengaged.  Neither kid is monitored. SD got more awkward and strange and I found out she was scratching herself with staples, on a weird side of tik tok...said she was gay, then trans, then cis, then whatever else there is. I have zero issue with the sexuality....I have issues with it constantly changing. Even her friends were fed up with her changing constantly when they were pretty well established in their sexuality but all seemed to have a difficult past (come to find out they didn' was a weird phase they went through).  BM busted her when I told DH that SD friend spending the night at her moms was her girlfriend. One rule in both don't get to have your girlfriend or boyfriend spend the night. 

Since then BM is constantly wanting me to keep the kids for her since she is at work and they don't like to be with her husband and vice versa. And that SD should be around a woman when she's working so she can always have a female influence around her. Hahahaha. No lady. Not your babysitter and remember....I'm not a parent. Your manipulative kids can go to their grandmothers. 

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It's always popcorn time when you give them what they demand.  Not the momma!   Ok there you go then. Have it.   

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You are exactly right. And it makes me laugh. Then she will say she never wants to talk to me again. Okay. Then don't. 

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Ive never maintained I am their mother, even though with SD B/M (Backstabber Munchkin) I have acted motherly, and parented.

When she likes it, Im golden, and when she doesnt she has "activated" Toxic Troll Bm and I will get the accusations of harrassment and abuse and Husband will be texted all kinds of toxic, to which then he feels its necessary to backpedal and do what I term the "monkee dance"

Yep, stay in your "lane" until its inconvenient for them. "Step in" when it benefits bio parents. As long as you remember to do this, all is well in THEIR worlds.

Its ok for us to do and help and pay. Its for 'the children", and everything must be for "the children". Well I have no bios, make more $$ than my husband and have a good life generally. I had to learn the hard way...