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Am I over reacting? One of my husbands ex’s (one of the children’s mother) will send texts to my husband, but she always refers to herself as “baby mama” and to my husband as “baby daddy”. Of course they are the child’s parents, so why does this make me feel like she is poking at me? 

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It's not a poke at you.. because it's texts to him.. how should you even know she is doing that?

Honestly, this is one of those things that if he just doesn't play along.. then I would ignore it.  Sounds like he responds appropriately.. so if she wants to make these attempts at humor.. not much anyone can do anyway.


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BM referring to herself as "Babby Mama" would not bother me a bit. "Babby Mama" and "Babby Daddy" are not complimentary terms.  They indicate someone who is little more than a biological vessel of procreation.  Nothing more than a splitting Amoeba of no more substance or importance.

If  your DH is a participatory father to his children he should be replying ot BM as "Babby Mama" since that is her chosen worth and signing replies as "My child's Father".  A babby daddy is not much, a Father, is a position of honor and responsibility. As is a Mother.

Just my thoughts of course.

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What is she 12?

I found it hysterical. Thanks for the laugh.

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Exactly …!

 I was going to ask if OPs husband got a 16 yo knocked up.

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God was she one of those creepers that referred to DH as her Daddy while they were together?!? They are right up there with those who refer to their SO as “my man” shudder!

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“One of my husbands ex’s (one of the children’s mother)”

”One of…”

How many “baby mama’s” does he have???

LOL, in fact THAT should be your reply 

“Is this Baby mama One, Two or Three? Baby daddy’s WIFE would like to know “


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Ha! That does sound like he is a whorio!

He was married with 2. After that was with this one”as referred to as baby mama” and had a whoopsie. Hence, third child. 

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I cringe at this.  Reminds me too much of my SS's SpermIdiot.  Mr. spawner or 4 out of wedlock children by three different baby mamas.

At some point one would think people would figure out how kids are made and reign in having more kids with yet another baby mama.