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Our family Wizard question

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HCBM refuses to communicate in OFW. She keeps emailing and texting DH. He wants all of that communication to be in OFW. So, what's the best way to do that? Should he email it all in one message to our attorney (who has access) should he put it in the notes and keep it private? What would you do if you want to show all correspondence in OFW but she won't use it?? 

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Has she been ordered to use it.. not it is a "means of communication".. but has it been mandated that it is the only means?

Otherwise.. she doesn't have to do what he wants.. 


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That's not what I'm saying. I'm saying FOR HOS PURPOSES. He wants all corespondence in OFW to keep track for himself and to have it in one spot for the Attorney’s to see. Asking what is the best way he can simply store it all in OFW. Not trying to make her do anything 

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What does the attorney suggest? You've asked this before, and we all suggest that he should reply to her in OFW and not via text, stating that she has agreed to do that. 

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They told him to answer her in whichever way she contacted him until it's resolved. I'm not asking how to get her to agree to OFW. I'm asking the best way to basically copy/paste texts and emails and where should he store it. Like email the attorney, store it in notes. He is new to OFW so asking some of the experts out there. Surely we are not the only ones with a HCBM that won't  communicate through OFW. He just wants it all in one spot for reference purposes/legal purposes so the attorney has access instead of emailing her a thousand emails. Does that make sense? 

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for what it's worth a secondary copy of what you are suggesting he do would likely have her claim that he manipulated the information.

He needs to maintain the information in the form he gets it.. IMHO.


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Oh he will for sure!!! Like I said, I think he's going to copy and paste but you are right, it might be better to just screen shot but keep original correspondence if she claims he manipulated it. (Which of course he would never ever do) 

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Ultimately, your SO needs to set the boundary that he is ONLY communicating via OFW. Especially, after they agreed to it. By continuing to respond to BM via text or email, it doesn't look very good and can make it seem like he cannot stick to an agreement either. 

If he gets a text or email, he can store it in OFW, but he needs to not respond to those via text or email. He needs to message BM on OFW and he needs to say: "Per our agreement on x date, I will only be communicating via OFW. Communication not sent through OFW will be documented for record keeping purposes, but will not be responded to." 

Eventually, this will force her to use OFW if she needs a response, but him going back and forth is giving her what she wants. 

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If she keeps contacting him in other ways then he can screenshot the texts conversation showing date and time and upload them to the Journal or he can upload them to the MyFiles. We upload screenshots, pictures and videos to the Journal and keep it private unless we want her to see us posting the conflict because you can update it and edit it. It documents every edit so it's helpful. 

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Perfect!! This is exactly what I was asking for. Thank you!! One question on this. Can he share with just his attorney and not BM? Or is it simply private or not private? Thank you. 

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Do not reply to any communication other than via OFW other than to say, "I will not read or respond to any communication from you other than through OFW."


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We are getting there!! The attorneys are trying to get her to cut the crap but she won't budge. Lol. Well the judge will no doubt order it especially since she agreed. Lol